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Comment Re:Useful to whom? The racists who care about skin (Score 1) 902

You sound like yet another "10th Amendment says what i want it to person".

I've seen far too much

Person A: "Where does the constitution say that?"
Person B: "10th Amendment!"
Person A: "Um... no, the 10th doesn't say that"

the section of the constitution pertaining to the census specifically allows for other information as pointed out by a poster above who quoted the section that was conveniently left out by the Wyatt

Comment Re:Useful to whom? The racists who care about skin (Score 3, Insightful) 902

The Constitution doesn't work that way. It doesn't prohibit them asking for more information, and other clauses imply that so long as it isn't prohibited expressly or implicitly then there is no problem as long as it serves a legitimate government purpose.

being able to anticipate how diseases might affect the population certainly falls under a legitimate government purpose.

Just because the American Libertarian Party tells you incorrect information about the constitution doesn't make that information correct.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 902

that is a fair point, but Ayn Rand doesn't merit my time to debunk her nonsense. people far more knowledgeable than me in those fields have already done it.

Ayn Rand's writing is a natural reaction to the Stalinistic system she grew up in, but that doesn't mean her writings were particularly insightful. She reacted to one, crappy extreme, by idealizing another crappy extreme.

Comment Re:first post? (Score 1) 902

"Real American(TM)"s.. shitting on the every part of the constitution - including the 2nd Amendment [while they purport to be concerned with it*] - since 1980

* their warped idea of the 2nd amendment leads to the inability to ban felons from owning weapons. Gun rights are like voting - you can loose it if you're a criminal - not like the right to not be tortured - which you can never loose. These are the same fucks who are fine with torture... sick demented people.

Comment Re:first post? (Score 1) 902

i hope you're writing this post from the perspective of playing along with Rush and Glen's paranoid delusions... if you actually believe what you typed is going to happen then you're pure dipshit.

whatever happened to "Obama is going to take our guns!!!!"?

hey wait, didn't he sign the bill that said that you can take your guns onto national park lands?

Comment Re:Census Info Ultimately Becomes Public (Score 0, Troll) 902

You're also not a reactionary douchebag who doesn't like that there is a mean black man in the white house who wants to spend money taking care of our own people instead of bombing the middle east.

You don't put your political team and your insanity before the good of your country and those who live in it.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 0, Flamebait) 902

Quoting Ayn Rand is one of the ways to touch the third rail. Ayn Rand was a reactionary dipshit, 99.9% of the things she said are utter crap. the only thing she ever said of value is that reality is separate from our view of it - and she was far from the first person to say that.

The rest of your post might be perfectly intelligent (and after reading it is seems to be), but by quoting that polarizing reactionary dipshit you make yourself look like an idiot.

Comment Re:...and it did. (Score 1, Insightful) 902

wow.. that's one dumb thing "because it was misused once, 70 years ago - and since then we've passed a lot more laws to protect against it. We've also recognized our folly in doing that in the first place - it is not trust worthy today".

admit it - you're only acting like this because your team doesn't control the government.

for fuck sake, people are stupid.

Go piss your pants on someone else's couch, uncle sam is tired of cleaning up after you.

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