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Submission + - Bangladesh blocks Facebook over Mohammed cartoons 1

lbalbalba writes: Bangladesh has blocked access to Facebook after satirical images of the prophet Muhammad and the country's leaders were uploaded. One man has been arrested and charged with "spreading malice and insulting the country's leaders" with the images. Officials said the ban was temporary and access to the site would be restored once the images were removed. It comes after Pakistan invoked a similar ban over "blasphemous content".
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Submission + - EU objects to Sun-Oracle deal

lbalbalba writes: European antitrust regulators have formally objected to Oracle Corp.'s $7.4-billion US takeover of Sun Microsystems Inc., citing concerns that the takeover could hurt competition in the database market.
Sources: Forbes, CBC News

Submission + - Nintendo announces DSi XL

lbalbalba writes: This morning, Nintendo announced the third upgrade to the DS family, the DSi LL (or DSi XL), will be released in Japan on November 21, one year after the DSi debuted, for ¥20,000 (approx. $220). The LL's main improvement is the size of its screens, which have been increased from 3.25" to 4.2" with a moderate increase to the size of the chassis. The device also includes a much bigger stylus, which looks to be the size of a ballpoint pen, and battery life has reportedly been increased to five hours at maximum screen brightness.

Submission + - Court Orders The Pirate Bay To Delete Torrents

lbalbalba writes: A Dutch court ruled today that The Pirate Bay has to remove a list of torrents linking to copyrighted works. The list is to be provided by BREIN (similair to RIAA in Holland), and is similar to the earlier ruling against Mininova. The defendants are given three months to comply, if not, they will face penalties of 5,000 euros ($7,500) per person, per day.
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Submission + - Jack Kirby Heirs Reclaim Marvel/Disney Rights

lbalbalba writes: "Heirs to comic book legend Jack Kirby sent 45 notices of copyright termination to Marvel Entertainment, prospective Marvel buyer Disney, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, and others studios that that hold licensed media rights to Marvel characters, this according to a Sunday afternoon report published on the New York Times website. New York Times"

Submission + - G.M. selling new cars on e-Bay

lbalbalba writes: "The government-rescued automaker General Motors announced on Monday that it is starting a trial in which consumers can buy new cars through eBay, the online sales site, allowing buyers to purchase Chevrolets, Buicks, GMCs or Pontiacs before they set foot in a dealership."

Submission + - Toshiba joins Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA)

lbalbalba writes: "Toshiba is planning to launch players and laptops with support for Blu-ray Disc later this year, it said Monday. The company was the primary backer of the HD DVD optical-disc format that had been battling Blu-ray Disc until last year. In a brief statement Toshiba said it had applied for membership for the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), the standards setting and licensing body behind the format and would launch products before the end of 2009."

Submission + - Installation oF IE8 changes FireFox Search Engine

lbalbalba writes: "The installation of Internet Explorer 8 (at least on Vista), also changed my defaulty search engines on FireFox, without asking me. I had to manually change them back by entering 'about:config' in the FireFox search bar, in order to change it back to the default, which is Google."

Submission + - GMail servers down 1

lbalbalba writes: For about 30 minutes now, the servers of GMail seem to be down or at least unavailable. Both the web based interface and my IMAP client are unable to connect to the GMail servers. I wonder how soon Google will pick this up and fix it, and how widespread it is ?

Submission + - Google messes up searches

lbalbalba writes: Google seems to have made some sort of mistake, as all search results now give you the warning message "Warning — visiting this web site may harm your computer!". It happens on all of google's country's servers. and the message appearch on all search results.

Submission + - How to put out Open Source development ?

John Smith writes: "I recently won some serious money in a lottery, and am now considering to put it to use by privately buying the development of an open source application. Since I have no programming skills at all, my only option here is to hire a company or individuals to develop the program for me. The thing that I would most be interested in, is the development of additional OpenOffice applications, like the equivalents of Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, and Intuit Quicken. However, I have no idea how to approach this, how to specify requirements, do code reviews, what prices to expect, and how to make sure that the end result gets integrated into the openoffice codebase. I was hoping that the Slashdot community could point me into the right direction ?"

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