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Comment Re:Disaster waiting to happen (Score 1) 282

In NL the utilities aren't buying the excess power up until to 5MWh, it just gets deducted from your usage:

If you are a nett producer (which is not possible for most homes due to a lack of viable sun facing surface area), you get might get less (eg Nuon pays you about 0.07 EUR/kWh ).

But if (and only when) these rules change, storing might be usefull. But I doubt storing electric power is very useful. I'm partial to storing heat instead ( )

Comment Re:Disaster waiting to happen (Score 2) 282

"What I'm waiting for is swapping the prices of day and night electricity prices. In the summer "peak" demand has shifted to night time by now."

Until this happens, storing solar generated energy is just dumb. At the moment my panels help me in 2 ways:
-it lowers my electricity demand for a year by about 50%.
-it saves about 10% on the price per kWh since I send energy to the grid at peak rates (0.22 EUR/kWh) and almost exclusively use offpeak (0.20 EUR/kWh)

I have absolutely nothing to gain by storing electricity right now.

Comment Re: Easy (Score 1) 329

If you really have important data on it (import enough to keep the drive), you should have saved the interface card from the dump, also you should have kept a machine that could take the interface card.

My guess is I still have such hardware, if you make it worth my while I can retrieve the data for you.

Comment Re:Surpassing Vista (Score 1) 285

"Unlike today's version madness, Windows 2000 came in only one edition: Professional
It was never intended to be marketed for home use. That was XP's job."

There were more version:
-advanced server
maybe more. It had something to do with memory and cpu/sockets. But there was only one non server version.

Comment Re:market share? (Score 1) 152

Although the usual userland tools are missing, installing them is fairly easy after you got root access. On all devices since my G1 I have been running Debian in a chroot, X11 support is added by running VNC or and X server app. Sure on a meemo/meego device this was out of the box, but all the 2 N900 users I know have long since switched to Android devices. The N9 was never officially available.

Comment Re:sweet (Score 4, Informative) 152

"They are all one app at a time with background services."

-Apps can multitask without Services, just use Threads.
-Android has multiple window support.

You are confusing the UI thread being stopped (when it is not visible) with threading/multitasking. Evidence of apps multitasking is for example a Samsung Note2 with multi-window support, although for some reason in the Samsung ROM you only can use some blessed apps multiwindowed, custom ROMs unlock this for app installed apps.

Using Services give extra features/hints to the OS. Like auto(re)start. It also gives a simple way to detach the UI from lightweight background tasks.

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