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Comment Churnalism (Score 1) 309

If the Turing Test is a test to see if universities can release press releases that the media churn out without doing any basic thinking or background checking then yes. Otherwise no. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Churnalism

UK university staff are getting more and more pressure to get publicity for their work. Why? Because the student market is much more competitive than it was. Every Uni now has a small army of press and "impact" people who aim to get the Uni in the papers, on twitter, etc etc. Not that Kevin Warwick needs much help with that, he's been doing it for years.

The press release about this so-called Turing Test was pretty much written in a style ideal for lazy journos to cut and paste into Quark Xpress. http://www.reading.ac.uk/news-and-events/releases/PR583836.aspx

Comment Re:So that you don't have to RTFA (Score 1) 286

Put your hydrant tap points near ground level and go _under_ the car? How many cars don't have 6" ground clearance?

So anyway its clearly a cultural thing. In the UK there's no mention of parking and fire hydrants in driving. So either we burn or cars get smashed or our firefighters' hoses are smaller than yours or something.

It might be more effective to put "Do Not Park Next To Fire Hydrant - Your Car Will Get Splashed With Dog Piss" signs up.

Comment Re:So that you don't have to RTFA (Score 1) 286

There's a fire. The firepeople can park in the middle of the street and run a hose past your car.

I'm guessing its because they won't be able to **see** the fire hydrant rather than be able to physically get to it. We have "H" fire hydrant signs on the pavement (US: sidewalk) in highly visible locations to indicate hydrants which are usually accessed via flat metal panels in the ground.

Comment I'm out... (Score 1) 86

..as they say on Dragon's Den. Engineer this down to *cloth* and I might be interested. So I can roll it up and stuff it in my backpack. And make it not black when the batteries fail. And make it only slightly more expensive than one of those hi-viz cyclist vests. What? They give those away for free? Could you sell one of these things for $5/£5 and still make a profit?

For a fiver I could wrap my bike and myself in reflective material and not have to worry about batteries.

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