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Comment Re:Student loans need to have chapter 7 and 11 (Score 1) 618

They used to be. But then the federal government took over the entire industry and got rid of bk'ing student loans. After all, if the government can borrow money from itself @ 3% and loan it to someone for 6% and keep the profits, why should it let the private sector do it.

Comment Re:she's a hypocrit (Score 1) 321

The funny thing w/ Standard Oil is the bigger the got, the cheaper oil (kerosene being the primary product back in the late 1800s, gasoline was a by product) became. In 1870, Standard Oil held 4% of the market and a gallon of Kerosene was 26 cents. Two decades later Kerosene was 7 cents a gallon....and this was after Standard held a 90% market share for 10 years.

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