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Comment Re:she's a hypocrit (Score 1) 321

The funny thing w/ Standard Oil is the bigger the got, the cheaper oil (kerosene being the primary product back in the late 1800s, gasoline was a by product) became. In 1870, Standard Oil held 4% of the market and a gallon of Kerosene was 26 cents. Two decades later Kerosene was 7 cents a gallon....and this was after Standard held a 90% market share for 10 years.

Comment Re:A typo my ass... (Score 1) 339

It would be subsequent administrations which would have to be forking over capital to fulfill that "shall" obligation.

Not necessarily. There is precedence for the President to cancel a treaty. In Goldwater v Carter, the Scotus basically declined to get involved in the canceling of a treaty while saying it was a political question. Basically, congress needs to bitch about it before it becomes a issue.

Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 1) 406

As a long term geek, I cannot stand this show. None of the geeks I know watch it (although that is like a the liberal from Manhattan wondering how Nixon was elected even though none of their friends voted for him). It's just a generic multi camera sit com that plays to the lowest common denominator like shows such as Friends before it.

Personally, I always thought Community was the show that geeks watched.

Comment We already have our preview trial (Score 1) 737

In the form of Micheal Mann (of the discredited hockey stick) vs Mark Levin. Mann sued Levin (actually both the National Review and Competitive Enterprise Institute that Levin put forth his opinions via) for defamatory statements and fraud due to Levin calling Mann a fraud. Of course Mann put forward in his initial press release about the suit that he was awarded the Nobel peace prize along with Gore...a blatant lie. Levin countersued for $10m and now it's going through the courts. Since Levin is counter suing, all of Mann's work is subject to criticism.

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