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Comment Re:Mod -1, idiot (Score 1) 485

I got pulled over by a young cop on a power trip for driving too fast through a chicane designed to slow people down. I was probably doing half the speed limit (25 in a 50 zone), and it was about 10:30 at night in a deserted part of town.

Yeah, I had a lot of body roll (older car), so perhaps it looked dangerous. The cop basically had a shout at me, while his co-cop stood there and said nothing, and then drove off to harass someone else.

Where's the good cop in that? The guy doing the shouting was clearly an asshole, but the other policeman who just stood there was also culpable. If your 'good cops' are sitting passively by while bad cops abuse their good name, they're not really good cops are they?

Wait. You were driving like a moron and you're upset that all you got was a warning? Would you have been happier if he calmly gave you a road-side sobriety test and then wrote you a reckless driving ticket?

Who's being a moron? Body roll doesn't mean skidding, it means body roll, and taking a chicane at 25 sounds downright conservative compared to how I drive.

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