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Comment Re:Poor Governance (Score 3, Informative) 63

That sounds easier than it really is.

I once found a root cron job that ran a script that was about 100 lines long. That script called another script that was close to 1000 lines long. The admin hid a call in that script to call a third script. That third script would check the time and the accounts, if it was between 00:00 and 02:00 GMT and his account was not in the system it would add the account with root privileges. When 02:00 came around it would delete the account from the system.

So basicly between 00:00 and 02:00 GMT he could access the system with admin privileges and do whatever he wanted. I only noticed it because I saw a login at 00:30 by an account that did not exist. I almost missed it because it was called deamon and when scanning the logs you can dismiss it as the daemon account. It took me days to find where the add and delete user account commands were hidden.

Comment Re:AKA Windows 10 Phone (Score 1) 115

I have a PAAS and a storage cloud that are computers sitting on my desk at home. Both of them are accessible via the internet.

So when I put stuff in my "Cloud", it is on my equipment and not someone else's!

I don't think you can do that on windows so I guess it is not relevant to "Windows Cloud" lol

Comment Re:I tried to get the patch (Score 5, Insightful) 256

I'm sure some people probably thought their computers were broken and took them in for service,but since they couldn't get on the internet, most people probably called their ISPs, who have technicians in India who have no troubleshooting skills beyond asking them to reboot.

I fixed that sentence for you.

Comment Why are we even arguing about it? (Score 5, Interesting) 395

This is simple. They are ether common carriers or they are not.

If they are common carriers then they can not inspect the content they carry and as such are not liable for that content.

If they are NOT common carriers then they can inspect the content and charge what they like. However, they are liable for the content they carry. Thus if they choose to not be common carriers and someone is transmitting Child porn, threats, selling drugs, pirated music and movies,etc. Then they are liable for the transport of that data and we should prosecute them for it.

Do it just a few times and all the ISP's will be on board with becoming common carriers.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 2) 438

While citizens do not have access to the same class of weaponry as the state, we out number them.

There are 300,000,000 gun in private hands.
Compared to the whole of the US military and civilian law enforcement which comes to just under 3,000,000.

If 3% of the adult population stands up and says we will not give up our guns then we outnumber the government almost 3 to 1.

Thought I think they would have an issue collecting the guns from the 25,000,000 people in Texas.

Before someone says "They will just bring in the UN troops" Well, that will add about 150,000 people. Not really enough to make a dent.

Comment Wow has it been that long? (Score 5, Insightful) 316

I remember when Linus posted it. I downloaded it and played with it a bit.

When Slackware 0.99a came out I gave it another try. It was not long before I was converting my Minix boxes at the house over to Linux.

In 1995 I switched from Windows 3.11 to Slackware and never looked back. To this day I run linux on all my systems at home save a small laptop that runs Windows XP though it is just to manage the spectrophotometer which does not have a linux driver.

Linux has come a long way and I am always amazed at how much of the world runs linux from Cell Phones, to routers, to supercomputers.

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