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Comment Re:ride-hailing (Score 4, Insightful) 109

The latter is almost instantaneous. On a really cold night a few weeks ago I couldn't get my car started, nor could AAA. How to go pick up my takeout food? He suggest Uber (taxi company had a wait of 10 people ahead of me.)

A minute to install, a few more to enter my name, address, and CC info, then enter destination and push a button. Wtf, ETA of Uber driver 6 minutes???

Standard taxies and the politicians who protect them can go drive off a cliff.

Comment Re: Mixed feelings (Score 1) 313

Or maybe they realized there was no real harm being done, especially in the context of a free society.

Use free speech, I suppose, to adgitate against the election of someone, for whatever reason, but expect pushback.

Believe it or not, thinking people should be free is no endorsement that you should be required to blow Nancy Pelosi.

Comment Re:Battery outta hell (Score 1) 169

"I see. What does this have to do with slowing down the processor?"

"The batteries degrade like it always did, but we hide it by lying about 100%. At some point battery life sucks. But the customer might sue us for providing a crappy battery life with expensive replacement, and we sure as shit don't want to pay for dealer replacement ourselves, so rather than taking a quality black eye, we lie a second time by slowing the processor. It's not lies because we hide it in the fine print, I hope."

Comment Battery outta hell (Score 1) 169

"Couldn't they just replace the battery themselves for $10?"

"No, it must be done at a dealer."

"Why? Is there soldering?"

"No, it's a normal battery plugin, but it is behind a warranty sticker."


"So we could charge a lot more. Android phones do this, too. The real goal is to make people throw up their hands and pay for the overpriced monthly infinite care package."

"What is that?"

"That's where we replace a phone with a returned one from an ever-growing pile of phones we don't know what to do with, as the phones age and people upgrade. But it looks premium to the customer."

Comment Crooks...of what magnitude? (Score 5, Insightful) 442

They want to catch crooks. Meanwhile, billions in dictatorships are kept down with the assistance of breaking crypto.

Are we to sacrifice them so a prosecutor can get a notch or two on his belt once in a great while?

And what are those hundreds of millions of children living with a boot on their face...forever...worth?

Torture and murder some, you are a nasty criminal. Torture and murder hundreds of thousands, and people in free countries say you are practicing self-rule.

Comment Why? (Score 1) 164

Back in the good old days you could force delete even OS stuff that would wreck the OS, and open files that would crash the computer. This made it easy to get rid of viruses.

Whether they changed this to stop OS problems, or to stop viruses from using it to install themselves, it made virus removal harder as virus writers coopted it to prevent their own removal, when the OS people no doubt thought they had the upper hand.

Comment Re:Anything tied to Obama is bad (Score 1) 363

Politicians know all this and ignore it. When spending AKA borrowing, was increasing to near-WWII levels per capita, in good times, people wondered what would happen in the case of war or recession (or both). Clearly something would have to give.

Nope! Heave it all onto the debt.

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