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Comment Re:Lifers? (Score 1) 597

You mean "obvious to you and me." "I" is a subject and "me" is an object. It doesn't make you sound more educated to you "I" everywhere. Well, it does to some people, but it shouldn't. Just as you don't say, "Give that to I," you don't say, "That is obvious to I."

Comment Re:In all fairness (Score 4, Interesting) 237

This reflects my anecdotal experience of late as well. My Dell server just turned 3 years old (and I had a 3 year service agreement on it). It came with three 1-terabyte drives. All failed before my service period ended and were replaced; the last of the three was replaced this past summer. 100% failure of the original drives in less than 3 years.

Comment My work pattern has been stomped on (Score 4, Interesting) 631

For a decade, I've set up a server with listening VNC servers for remote access through our switched network. Yes, it is somewhat undesirable from a security point of view, and we require SSH tunneling or VPN for machines off the immediately local network.

I can tell that less emphasis is going into "remote" use of X11 and more going into the "desktop" experience, because this work pattern is almost entirely broken of late. I can't find a display manager to reliably work with XDMCP (and supply session switching, language choice, etc.) under the most current update.

Crazy stuff is broken. The menu option of KDM just doesn't work (i.e. the widget is just broken). Some incompatibility with the new X11 apparently. LightDM is so unstable as to not be usable. WDM has an upstart bug that prevents the computer from booting (though this is the manager I use--I edited the rules in the script to fix the boot). GDM has the annoying 'Super-D' bug so no one with a D in their username can login (yes, this can be fixed and the session startup scripts are still a problem on my platform).

It's absolutely insane that you can't find a display manager that actually works properly over VNC. It breaks a straightforward work pattern that I've used for a long long time.

These people think they can make a phone. In my experience with Ubuntu that viewpoint is absolutely self-delusion.

Comment Re:Final Notice? (Score 2) 136

I ignored them for a long time. Now I press 1 every time, and start asking questions as if I'm interested but don't have a clue how this can work and who they are. One of of the reps said, "Gee what an idiot," before finally hanging up on me.

I'm not sure, but the pace of their calls seems to have slowed now that they know I'm just going to tie them up and cost them money.

Comment Re:He has a point, no? (Score 1) 231

Instability is also my big beef with the recent Ubuntu. It seems to be due to three causes (so it's been forever for anyone to make progress on fixing anything): Intel wireless drivers suck (kernel issue), gnome-screen saver sucks, and the Unity interface sucks. Getting rid of gnome-screensaver and installing xscreensaver is probably the best improvement I've seen, after finally finding a kernel where the Intel wireless driver worked. But I've put my computers on XFCE (with the menu bar on the left like Unity) and they're finally usable again.

Comment Re:I have a better idea... (Score 5, Insightful) 649

Bank deposits are not guaranteed by the government. Bank deposits up to a limit are guaranteed. My deposits are guaranteed. So are yours probably. But my employer is big. The amount of money required to make single payroll is more than is guaranteed under the limits.

So my money is secure and your money is secure. But at the end of the month, suddenly my employer can't make payroll because a bank failed. Perhaps yours can't either. That's a big deal.

Comment Re:Stop rewarding jerk carriers (Score 1) 798

I use PagePlus too, with a Droid 1. I just turn off the data feature. It's why I chose PagePlus actually, to have a smart phone without the requirement of a data plan. Since they use the same backbone as Verizon (my previous carrier), I get essentially the same service quality I had before.

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