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Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 139

Open how? Free as in beer, or speech? I use them because they are free as in beer, and work well. I've used competing products, Hotmail, Yahoo, and they're stuck in geocities age.

Sorry, what part of Google is "free as in beer", exactly? Their search algorithms? Ad placement? Gmail? G+? GTalk? Android?

None of Google's significant properties are open. None. The emperor has no clothes. Here, chew on this:

A protective order in the case restricts access to the Android source code, limiting the number of people who can review the code and requiring that Microsoft and Motorola "give prior written notice" to Google before showing the source code to a technical advisor. Google is to have 10 days to object.

Microsoft did not do that, Google alleged, as it moved to prevent Stevenson from testifying at the evidentiary hearing slated for later this month.

"The confidential source code improperly provided to Dr. Stevenson is highly proprietary source code that Google does not even share with its partners, such as Motorola," Google said.

Code. Android. "Highly proprietary".

There are reasons to like Android, but "openness" is not one of them.

Comment Re:Windows Chimera... (Score 1) 330

Yeah, that's my thought as well. It looks like they took OS X's Dashboard and put it front-and-center. After Dashboard's initial novelty wore off, I found I didn't use it at all. I don't see how this is particularly different.

Comment Surprise (Score 1) 290

That is a surprisingly high number, even after all these years of knowing about various rootkits, viruses, and other malware that have so persistently affected Windows. 1 in 14? That's... crazy.

And what is the economic cost of having to deal with this crap? It must be well into the billions of dollars by now.

It's also consistently depressing that inertia is such that Windows seems like it will maintain its desktop dominance for the foreseeable future. There are better OSes out there. USE ONE, PEOPLE. Please!

Comment Re:Public Accomodations? (Score 1) 917

I'm on the fence.

On the one hand, it seems like you are making a slippery slope argument. "If they do this today, then tomorrow it will be worse." Things don't always work out that way, although they certainly do with a fair amount of frequency.

On the other hand, corporations do have the lion's share of power in reflecting and shaping social norms. This makes me uncomfortable as well.

Regardless, I think Apple did the right thing in this specific case. Groups like this one have incredibly harmful affects, indirectly (and sometimes directly) leading to suicide, depression, and various other social problems.

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