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Comment Re:being completely with out (Score 4, Interesting) 311

scruples didn't hurt. He had little problem with raiding others ideas and pushing them out of the market. Many of the things he did to get on top of the pile would be actionable today.

Google suggests otherwise - industrial-scale copyright infringement? Just ignore it and no one will do anything about it. Global tax evasion? Get the law changed and move on - tax is so "statist", this is the (new) age of the unaccountable corporation. They're not doing exactly the same things Gates did, but they are doing their things in the same style, and that's what actually works.

Comment Re: Even More Simple (Score 3, Interesting) 736

360 degree turn? why was he flying in a circle?

To bleed altitude. Commercial airliners make terrible gliders, but still, they technically are gliders when the engines are no longer operational. In this case, the airplane glided to the Azores but had too much altitude and needed to stay in the air a little bit longer while not moving too far away: a perfect use case for flying in a circle.

Captain Piche had to execute one 360 degree turn, and then a series of "S" turns, to dissipate excess altitude.

Comment Yes, yes! Save us! (Score 1) 335

Save us from all those annoying "free to move to another supplier" politics! Free us from all those "agreed standards for interchange" politics! I've been so burdened with files and protocols that can be relied on to work no matter who makes the equipment or software. I can't take it much more! How I wish EVERY standard had an "extended" version that only Microsoft systems understands! How I hate having word processing document formats that can be read by scripts to do analysis and manipulation on them! IT'S ALL POLITCS! I just want to shovel money into the nearest MS bank account. Is that so much to ask?

Comment Re: EU Countries Seek Higher Taxes On (Score 2) 205

You are assuming that religious "extremists" are the only problem. In fact, monotheistic religions are the problem and the extremists are basically just those monotheists who have been activated by some perceived threat. All these religions have the same poisonous seed in them: the belief that if a member of the outside world (whether Jews, Christians, atheists, or just the wrong type of their own religion) tells the "wrong" thing to their kids then those kids will burn in some form of hell for eternity. That, quite simply, is motivation that justifies any crime, any atrocity on Earth as a triviality in the face of the infinite. Anyone that believes in a god-given monopoly on the truth is dangerous; make them feel that their truth is under genuine threat and they will turn into "extremists".

Comment Re: That's it. I'm done with Equifax (Score 1, Insightful) 401

Given that the effects of the rating agencies' massive and corrupt dealing which led to the collapse of the world's banking system in 2010 were that, er, the rating agencies were allowed to continue exactly as before, I don't expect this will hurt Equifax too much. What will hit them harder, in all likelihood, is the possibility of insider-dealing pushing their share price low enough for Experian to buy them up and then ALL their data will be, once more, transfered to another party without any of the people the data relates to having any say whatsoever. And don't forget that these companies exist to sell your details to the highest bidder anyway. All they're really worried about, aside from PR, is that this client hasn't paid for the info.

Comment Re:bitcoin isn't real, either (Score 4, Insightful) 376

The US government has a law that says that businesses must accept US dollars.

What law? I do not believe there is a US federal law that requires private businesses or individuals to accept currency from the Federal Reserve Bank. We all choose to do so because it is incredibly convenient and there are many laws and statues that encourage it.

You are correct. While it is legal tender for all debts, it is not a requirement to accept it. Furthermore, the word "debt" implies repayment. There is a difference between a straight-up trade (buying something at a register), receiving goods in advance (eating dinner, then paying the bill), and financing a debt (buying a car using a loan). There are nuances between those scenarios that affect legal requirements for payment, and furthermore, an additional consideration is payment in dollar equivalents such as using a credit card to purchase something using dollars, but not physical currency.

The long and short of it is you are correct, most transactions have no requirement to use U.S. dollars, but everyone does so anyway because nobody barters in livestock anymore.

Comment Yep (Score 1) 386

Linked in and Facebook apps are complete crap written by no talent hacks. When the Mobile version of the site is significantly faster and has a better UI than your app? you fire your entire app developer team and hire some that understand efficient and fast.

Comment Note: only for the non atypical republican. (Score 1) 151

Every person that has had this happen has been brown. It's just an excuse to be more racist at the airports.
Let's also ignore the fact that monday all of Orlando International skipped the security checks dod not have to take laptop out of the bag, dont remove shoes or coat, just walk through.

Airport security is theater and an attempt to be racist to those that are not white.

Comment Re:Cord-cutting! (Score 1) 83

Why would I want Netflix if has everything I want without the hassle of streaming and artificial limitations?

Maybe if you cared about quaint old ideas like the people who made those TV shows getting paid for doing so and providing a revenue stream for those people to create more things you like in the future. Or if you believe in even quainter ideas like that if you don't want to pay for something you don't just get to use it anyway.

Hey, I used to pirate plenty of stuff too, back when I didn't have any money and/or it was really hard to find stuff on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Netflix or Hulu. I get it, especially if you're downloading stuff that isn't commercially available at any price - no harm no foul there, as far as I'm concerned. But *if* you have the means and the ability to get these things legally and properly compensate the people who made them, isn't there a decent moral argument to be made to do so, even if you have to (horror of horrors) skip through commercials or something?

Comment Re:Why You MUST Own Your DNS (Score 2) 401

This is precisely why you must always OWN your DNS and Hosting yourself. Never, EVER let someone else register and host your domain for you. Always DO IT YOURSELF or find yourself in the same boat with Snopes.

Never, EVER co-own a company with your spouse, then get divorced, and your spouse sells his or her share to a company (technically, the company's owners, due to the type of company Bardav is) that you now find yourself in a dispute with.

This has nothing to do with the company managing Snopes, they co-own it. Scroll up a bit, there are links to the actual court documents.

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