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Comment R10 Box (Score 1) 264

I have DirecTV and still have an R10 box. Two of them, in fact. One reason is that I own the box so I don't have to pay monthly rental fees (DTV gave it to me when I upgraded service). The main reason is because it has TiVo software. The DirecTV interface sucks! So -- what was that you said again, Mr. White?

Comment Surprise! Inconsistent Positions (Score 2) 138

Because we all know that all the agencies of the US Government work together seamlessly to develop and implement policy:

FDA: Protect the children from radiation

TSA: Protecting the public from terrorists requires us to irradiate the public

FDA: Radiation is bad

TSA: Radiation is good

FDA: Too much radiation for kids is bad

TSA: Radiation is harmless

FDA: Think of the children!

TSA: The children might be terrorists

Anyone else surprised?

Comment Re:I agree (Score 1) 257

Actually, courts are split on this. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been consistently holding that licenses of copyrighted works are not sales and therefore not subject to the first sale doctrine. See Vernor v. Autodesk and Omega v. Costco (Omega deals with a license of copyrighted content and first sale but the content is not digital).

Submission + - Commissioner Stoll Steps Down from USPTO Post (

Compulawyer writes: After 29 years of service, Commissioner for Patents Robert Stoll is stepping down from his post at the USPTO. Commissioner Stoll began his career as a patent examiner and worked his way up the ranks over almost three decades.

Comment Simple (Score 1) 56

The problem itself is simple. One party owns the copyright in the work and the other party gets an unrestricted, irrevocable (notice I said irrevocable and not "perpetual" - although long, copyright duration is not perpetual), non-exclusive license, including the right to sublicense and make derivative works to the work without the obligation to account to the other party. You can battle about which party owns and which party is licensed but with a license this broad, it is almost the same. However, 35 years from now when an assignment may be terminated (under US law if in the US) which party is which will make a difference.

This is a situation where one or two hours of time from an IP attorney who understands copyright licensing will avoid a LOT of issues later. Don't waste time looking for a prepackaged license that you may alter in ways that have unintended consequences later. This is a one-page agreement. Hire a lawyer to draft it for you.

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