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Comment Re:Jaguar Mark II? (Score 4, Insightful) 91

When you had to put down $5,000 - $6,000 for a PC that could play the games available at the time as opposed to $200-300 on a console that had a larger library and arguably better graphics until EGA/VGA started becoming a thing... PC gaming didn't make sense. It was when Doom came out that the landscape really started to change towards PC's favor.

Comment Re:Leftists will bash Trump for this (Score 1) 460

The entire population of Finland could populate New York City and still have room to fit 300,000 more to match its current population.

Correction on this. New York City has a population of about 8.5 million. So that means that there's a difference of 3,000,000 people between Finland and New York, NY; not 300,000.

Comment Jaguar Mark II? (Score 1) 91

Talk about skimping on the info. FTA: "But he said it is based on PC technology. He said Atari is still working on the design and will reveal it at a later date." That kinda points to a higher end system, but I'm with others on the thread. WTH is the point? Consoles only really made sense when PC gaming was laughable. Now it's cheaper overall to build a Mid-Level Gaming PC to handle your light browsing and heavy gaming better than anything a current Gen console can put out. I can't justify a PS4 or XBone purchase, regardless of the exclusives... what in Atari's plans that makes them think that I (and others) will justify them?

Comment Re:Leftists will bash Trump for this (Score 1) 460

...They won't be ignored or abused...

I'm sorry... as a Fin you can't understand how wrong that statement is when talking about the US. The US is more than 11 times the geographical size of Finland and more than 300 times the population. The entire population of Finland could populate New York City and still have room to fit 300,000 more to match its current population. More than 62% of the entire United States Population, that's roughly 201,517,800 people, live in about 3.5% of the United States land area. That's move than 200 million people living in 126,657 square miles. 328,040 km^2. 200 million people living in Urban/suburban areas, working mostly in some form of commercial capacity: Retail, Construction, Industrial, Service, or Financial. Most of the people in these areas never venture out into the rural 96.5% of the country for anything more than a pass-through or pass-over...because that's boring, uninteresting, and not even worthy of a vacation. They do their vacation and business travel to other parts of the urbanized 3.5% ...where things actually happen and can keep them entertained. Because of this, those in urban areas don't usually give a rat's ass about what happens to 97% of this country so long as each of their personal wants are met (yay! runaway capitalism). Unless something is going catastrophically wrong out in the flyover states (the big open plain central area of the states that lie east of the Rockies and west of the Appalachians), like the dust-bowl of the Great Depression in the 30's, the majority of the population doesn't care if those in the rural areas have any kind of voice in politics...because those out in the rural 96.5% live boring, laborious, non-glamorous lives that the urbanites just don't want to deal with.

Why should someone living on the countryside have any more say in who rules over the entire country?

They don't. They only get more say in choosing who gets to put the rest of the population in check to keep the urbanites from overruling the farmers and ranchers. You're making the common mistake of seeing our President as the seat of America's power, when his power is actually very limited and easily reigned in by either Congress or the Supreme Court. See, our Congress is set up so that those who live in 3.5% of the territory get more seats in the House of Representatives than those who live in the 96.5% of the territory because there's more people living in the urban areas. This means that as a general rule, those who live an urban lifestyle have more power in Congress over those who live out in the rural areas. More simply, people who have absolutely no idea what it means to be a farmer or rancher have more ability to create regulations on what a farmer or rancher can and cannot do with their property, and the representatives for the rural area could be out-voted on the House floor. The House is the will of the people where the population gets its voice heard. Decisions made here get passed to the will of the States, the Senate, where every state has an equal vote (2 per state). In this way there's a bit more balance in the way Congress operates, but it is still VERY heavily population oriented. Congress is also where most of the power of the land rests. The President only gets to pick and chose which laws Congress comes up with actually make it into law. Executive orders directing the agencies of the Executive Branch (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc) are given more credit than they deserve. Congress can easily overrule them if they wanted to.

The check and balance to this in the Executive branch was for the EC to give more power to the rural areas on who gets to sit as President, as he's the one who gets the ability to Veto what he deems as an unfair law. In this way, the power of the president is supposed to be able to overcome the mob rule that could come through Congress, and only a sufficiently unified congress could override a Presidential veto. The Founders' creation of the EC was very calculated in its purpose and the results of the 2016 Election show that, much to Urban America's chagrin and for better or worse, it's actually working as intended.

Trump is the result of more than 8 years (closer to 30) of the people in rural America feeling like they haven't been heard, and towards the end completely shut down from any argument. I didn't vote for him (went 3rd party; but no matter how I voted, my county went Hillary...the rest of the state went Trump, save for the other 3 metropolitan areas that also went Hillary; so Trump won my state), I didn't like him or his platform, still don't... but I understand how he got in. The majority of the minority voices (not talking race here) voted in an act of desperation. Conservative Farmers and Ranchers got tired of federal organizations taking away land rights (it's what led to the Bundy Standoff), and came out en-mass and voted the way that looked like those organizations were going to get stripped. So far, it's looking like Trump is doing that.

Comment Re: This is all very silly. (Score 1) 478

What keys did you press when you last withdrew money from an ATM, please?

Four numbers and the Enter key; along with a few of the keys along side the MFD to indicate transaction type, etc.

Which name and address did you type in when you last ordered something to be delivered to your home?


Submission + - Nintendo Inadvertently Proves Humanity's Decline: (macon.com)

RavenLrD20k writes: If this is real (Macon Telegraph isn't known for its Satire) humanity deserves no faith. A Google Search shows that this isn't the only outlet reporting. From the article:

As Nintendo prepares to launch its latest gaming console, the Switch, on Thursday, many of the people who have managed to get their hands on one aren’t busy playing the latest games or testing out the console’s unique format.

Instead, lots of people are just licking their video games.

To be more accurate, people are licking the game cartridges that come with the Switch in an exact reversal of what Nintendo intended to happen.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 59

There's the Wii-U version if you have that system, which is apparently the superior version. Judging by several comparisons between the Switch version and the Wii-U: The Switch version was missing several graphic effects that the Wii-U had (Volumetric Fog, Lighting effects, etc). The only thing that can be said for the switch is the texture resolution was slightly better and not having the Volumetric Fog and Cloud effects made for sharper landscape images.

The launch of the Switch has so far been a botch only slightly worse than the launch of Sega's Dreamcast; At least the Dreamcast didn't require a day one patch to work.

With no exclusive IP that does anything innovative expected to be released in the next year (Metroid? Kid Icarus? Donkey Kong? Star Fox?) Nintendo is going to have to work a hell of a lot harder than they have been if they expect me to buy into the next console before its EOL year. Of course, I'm just one person who's not going to affect their bottom line by anything more than maybe a couple thousand. What do I matter?

Comment Re:Stupid, stupid questions (Score 1) 364

I came here to say exactly this. I have no illusions that my job as it is right now couldn't be automated. As a matter of fact, I'm personally and actively trying to automate as much of it as I possibly can. I'm sure it's going to happen at some point, so why worry about it. In the mean time I'll just be playing 3D chess and biding my time as the world makes its moves.

Comment Re:Self defeating (Score 1, Flamebait) 338

The humans that develop these machines have the idea that if they build machines to do the mundane work for them, the humans will have more time to pursue labors of love. Unfortunately, the humans that think this way don't seem to care that the majority of other humans think that if you're not in a traditional 9-5 office job your value to society is null (yes I do realize that retail, service, and infrastructure building positions fall into this null category; this is deliberate).

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