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Comment Re:Kudos (Score 1) 337

Understeer or oversteer happens because you are driving too fast for taking any given curve. Then the traction wheels lose traction and start sliding.

If your car is FWD, your car normally understeers when losing traction. If your car is RWD, it normally oversteers when losing traction.

Actually, the brake balance can help prevent or induce oversteer, in a RWD if the balance is 60% rear wheels, 40% front wheels, then you will probably oversteer by taking a curve very fast and then slamming the brakes.

'Designing the car to understeer' seems to me just changing the break balance so the front wheels brake more than the rear wheels.

Comment Re:EOL XP already... (Score 1) 458

Hey sorry to nitpick but I am one of the ones who like Win7, and I hate to try to find the customization dialog of my Logitech G25 steering wheel.

I never found it by just going to the control panel, and it seems that I have found it only by pure luck.

It was dead easy on XP.

So no, it is not entirely consistent, at least not for me.

Comment Re:If you're a scientist.. (Score 1) 1123

I don't think you should only judge religion taking into account whatever religion claims to be true.

You can also judge it in the way it affects rational though in people, the way it subverts young soldiers to make them better killers, or the way it helps terminal patients to cope with the disease.

I believe it is a much better way to scientifically study the validity of religion, instead of just taking it to face value.

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