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Comment This is nonsense. (Score 1) 215

Tricking woman into sleeping with a man or a tricking a man into sleeping with a woman is as old as prostitution.

How many men in Los Angeles claim they are close with some actor/producer/studio to bed a wanna be actress? How many men tell women they love them to sleep with them?

How many women pretend to be attracted to a man to have him buy her things?

This is clearly overreach. Carmela Harris and her attack on backpage is the same, despite the 9th circuit telling her so, she brought new charges.

Submission + - Aristotle on Trolling

Max Hyre writes: from the how'd-he-find-out-about-that? dept.

A newly-discovered (and translated) papyrus holds Aristotle's analysis of trolling , and exactly on point it is, too. Though hardly suprising for an expert on excellence.

Abstract That trolling is a shameful thing, and that no one of sense would accept to be called 'troll', all are agreed; but what trolling is, and how many its species are, and whether there is an excellence of the troll, is unclear. [....]

Comment Mention their name! Avast! Dispute the charge. (Score 3, Insightful) 159

Don't mention "reasonable quality of support from an anti-virus vendor" instead identify them by name and repeat it often!

I don't know if your credi card or local provides it, but here in the USA, you can dispute quality of product if it is purchased in your state or within 50 miles of home. Your home computer is within 50 miles of home.

But, when disputing the charge make it simple, "when I install it, it breaks my computer." When I remove it, it works perfectly."

Comment Re:1 million processing operations = 1.2 inches (Score 1) 52

You should learn the difference between a single sensor return and a full perception result. Also, look up sensor noise, integration time, classifier inputs and training. Please tell me how you're planning on dealing with rain and snow.

Yes, if it was as simple as a magic sensor that could tell you instantly at max range 1) that the thing is a car (even though you won't see all of it immediately) 2) what its velocity vector is and 3) what its going to do, then yes, things are as simple as you wish they were.

But they are really, really not.

Comment Their requirements are lacking (Score 1) 52

Unless they just want the small/low speed vehicle market, their requirements are grossly lacking. For a road-going autonomous vehicle, "dozens of meters" is useless at any real speed. Try ~100 meters as a start and go from there. Otherwise you'll always be outrunning your perception and unable to see anything in time to stop.

Comment Its in there. (Score 1) 305

They know what's in it. What they may not know is how it will be applied.

However, they know how it is applied, because it has been done for years. They know that employers will specify impossible and non-existent job requirements so that they can justify H1B hires. IN 1988 a recruiter contacted me looking for a programmer with 10 years of experience with PC DOS.

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