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Comment Re:Lemme check my calendar... (Score 3, Funny) 973

There was a "do not insert hand/foot/body part" warning card shoved into the blender we bought last night. I'd say a warning on the front of 1984 wouldn't be all that batty...

I spent a second thinking about what body part you could insert that wasn't hand or foot. I immediately doubled over in sympathetic pain. Well played, sir.

Comment Quote from the conference (Score 1) 480

"If the press writes about something long enough and hard enough, eventually it comes true"

They have that kind of superpower and are using it for an iPhone? What about cold fusion, hovercars, faster-than-light travel, and decent tasting frozen dinners?

Oh, and that world peace stuff, too, I guess.


Submission + - ISPs Warn Europe - Website Blocks Don't Work (

Mark.JUK writes: The European Internet Services Providers Association (EuroISPA) has today warned the European Union (EU) that plans aimed at tackling online child sexual abuse content, which propose to force ISPs into adopting mandatory website blocking (censorship) technology, will not work because such methods are easy to circumvent; an ISP might cover your eyes but anybody can still take the blindfold off. Instead the EuroISPA has called for MEP's to consider permanently removing internet based child sexual abuse content at source, although this also runs into problems when the servers are based outside of your jurisdiction.

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