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Comment More drugs = :) dopamine and addiction. (Score 1) 258

A lot of research into addiction is focused on dopamine. http://www.utexas.edu/research/asrec/dopamine.html Drugs like Wellbutrin are classified as DRI's or Dopamine re-uptake inhibitors. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dopamine_reuptake_inhibitor SSRI's are meant to affect serotonin level's but can also affect dopamine level's. This is one reason why psychologists have started prescribing multiple medications to treat depression . Usually one SSRI and one DRI to maintain serotonin and dopamine levels So using anti-depressants to treat game addiction was bound to happen. I think that in our lifetime we will see drugs that will eliminate addiction all together (for those that are willing to take them).

Comment Dyknow is great... Blackboard is not... (Score 1) 319

My CS proffesor used Dyknow last semester to teach a discrete class. In class he would use a tablet to write his notes which were then displayed trough a projector. The notes and sound were recorded in real time, then posted online so that students could download then listen and watch the lecture again. This type of recording technology was great. One thing I hate as a student is an over reliance on Blackboard. This application works okay for administrative tasks but really sucks as a teaching tool. Online discussion, quizes, and teaching material on this platform has always been slow, unreliable, and had little learning value for me.
Hardware Hacking

TI Calculator DRM Defeated 234

josath writes "Texas Instruments' flagship calculator, the Nspire, was hacked to allow user-written programs earlier this year. Earlier this month, TI released an update to the OS that runs on the calculator, providing no new features, but only blocking the previous hack. Now, just a few weeks later, Nleash has been released, which defeats this protection. The battle rages on as users fight for the right to run their own software on their own hardware."

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