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Comment Re:Jerkcity (Score -1) 503

Jerk City is the only place MSCS should ever be seen. It's a bit like the fridges at the CDC, a safe place to store nasty shit for research purposes -- and to see if it can be used as a weapon... for the uninitiated (or uninfected?) Jerk City is rendered in an old MS product, MS Comic Chat.

Comment update from ROOTERS (Score -1) 622

Spokespippil from the British and French Navies are today denying that two of their submarines have formed a bizarre romantic relationship.
The submarines were on separate exercises in the Atlantic Ocean, but managed to slip away from their surface vessel chaperones for a Beatles-esque underwater liaison.
Nooone was hurt in the collision and both Britain and France insist nuclear security was not compromised. Defence experts believe neither vessel was sufficiently aroused to involuntarily discharge ICBM or torpedo munitions, IYKWIM, AITYD. They theorise that the water was too cold, and the submarines were frightened they would be caught. However, it is understood that the submarines still managed to spend a brief moment alone together, intimately fondling their conning towers and sonar arrays.
HMS Vanguard and Le Triumphante have both updated social netwrok pages denying the incident.


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