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Comment Re:NYC (Score 2, Insightful) 426

I have visited NYC a few times now and I sincerely hope you don't consider the native speech there to be representative of proper American English. It's a weird and extremely grating nasal abomination punctuated by such erudite phrases as "you douchebag, ya scumbag".

Picking that region and main newspaper for some "lesson" in proper speech is weird. It's completely alien to the rest of the nation. It really should be its own city state, I would be thrilled if they removed themselves from the US actually, or they were asked to just leave, and take their newspapers and so called financial "industry"-the white shoe boys gangster mafia-with them.

The New York Times does not publish in the dialect(s) of the common citizens of that New York City. It has been regarded as a "paper of record" for most of its existence and is more formal about adhering to an academic writing style than most other newspapers.

Comment Re:OK, I'm curious... (Score 1) 1003

You use an iPad in the music studio? I wasn't aware that there were apps that made it useful there.

I think you meant the Mac, which I have seen used extensively in studios due to the high quality of Logic Pro, and I've even seen iPods used as pocket drives, but the form factor of an iPad makes me suspect you got something wrong.

Using an iPad in a music studio feels like mixing paint with a phillips screwdriver: sure, you can do it, but it's not the intended use of the tool and there are other solutions that are much better.

I don't record on the iPad. It's more like a Swiss-Army peripheral device than anything else. When recording, it's a control surface. When rehearsing and learning new material, it saves me the trouble of printing charts on paper. When performing, it runs the board wirelessly, saving me the trouble of a cable snake and allowing the sound tech to sit ANYWHERE while having total control over our road rig. These are just a few of the uses I've found for it, and it seems like every week I find more.

Comment Re:MACS???!?! (Score 1) 1003

Good thinking, but a Mac mini is even safer from spear attacks than a PC tower, especially if you rack-mount it, leaving only a 2" by 5" target made of hard metal.

Although if your machine is at all in danger of getting hit by a fisherman's spear, you probably have even bigger problems due to water damage.

Comment Re:MACS???!?! (Score 5, Insightful) 1003

This old myth has never been true.

Apache is more popular than the Windows web server, yet gets hacked less, which completely debunks the idea that being a market leader is the only reason Microsoft products are so shockingly vulnerable to attacks.

OS X is a GUI shell on a BSD layer on a Mach engine. Like any flavor of *nix, it was designed from the ground up to live safely in networked, multi-user environments.

It's an order of magnitude harder to hack than a Windows box, because of superior design. This has been demonstrated over and over for nearly a decade now, yet the MS fanboys continue with the silly drumbeat that Macs are only enjoying security via obscurity.

Comment Re:Apple. (Score 1) 539

Cuba. But you likely can't visit there to see for yourself, so you are stuck believing the propaganda about the country.

Castro was/is far from perfect, and the place is had a utopia, but it is far from totalitarian. I'd argue that most of the 'democracies' today are far more closer to totalitarian than Cuba.

Tens of thousands of ex-Cubans currently living in Florida (after risking their lives to get there) would beg to differ.

I don't see many people trying to cross the Gulf on makeshift rafts to get IN to your communist paradise. Why do you s'pose that is?

Comment Re:New corporate slogan (Score 1) 731

Yeah, the idea of apps tying somebody to a phone platform is beyond silly.

I've had an iPhone for about two years now, and intend to wait at least another year before bothering to upgrade.

At that point, if the Android is the best phone on the market (or if I've simply had it with AT&T's weaksauce network), a collection of easily-replaced $1.99 apps is not going to stop me from getting the phone I want.

Comment Re:We Want to (Score 1) 731

That would be true if Flash was EVER a good way to develop cross-platform products. Anybody who has ever experienced Flash on a Mac laptop knows better. Nothing like having the whirring of the cooling fan completely drown out the sound of the YouTube video you were trying to watch.

Oddly, watching h.264 files via VLC or QuickTime doesn't have the same problem, even at much higher data rates.

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