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Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 410

You do realize Facebook is a private multinational corporation yes ?
It is not and will never be in any sense whatsoever a representative of the USA and/or affiliated with it's government.
There are hundreds of social networking sites all over the world including of course some which were created in europe, but believe it or not social networks extend beyond "the great sea" (you know the one Jesus crossed barefoot to take away all the indians to his father so the pilgrims can have all the turkeys and found the United States to save the world from the devil's reincarnation in the form of a 5feet5 black haired dude with a mustache and a funny accent).
Yes that one, and also the other one that extends from California to the land of the yellow people who make awesome game consoles and Godzilla movies
the whole idea of Social networking is to reflect the actual social connections between real people, which most of the times are global.

Comment Re:Law sounds silly (Score 1) 410

No it's a legislature that make Facebook accountable for the data they said they'd control if you gave them.
In other words the positive outcome I can see from this is : Facebook/google+ close because they get prosecuted for false advertising and breach of their EULA, peopleget a $100 each and we can allsafely move to diaspora where we will actually be in control of our data (or alternatively stop giving a fuck about social networking, which is fine by me)

Comment Go diaspora. (Score 1) 410

This is about saying to Facebook and Google and many others : Okay you tell you users to trust you with their data, then get this data in fucking control.
Right now Facebook is pretending to let you control the data you upload when in fact neither them nor you control it.
A] Facebook deletes data based on algorithmes that you know nothing about as a user.
B] You do not own any of the data you upload to facebook
C] They pretend it is for you own good, but they fail at being able to remove data that would be considered illegal.
i.e. someone who is my friend on facebook tags me on a photo of me naked. I can get untagged but the photo will remain on facebook and I have no legal recourse other than this new proposed right to be forgotten.
Right now there is absolutely NO legal channel for users of social networks to hold Facebook accountable for the data they make available.
There is a pratical solution though : diaspora, or diaspora-like architecture, which is what facebook should have been (had it not been a machiavelic plan to get every last bit of possible data on anyone in the planete in the wrong hands)
On diaspora you own your data, if something is on the network that you posted and you want it removed you just delete it.

Comment Re:emigrate to where? (Score 1) 72

Hum... fair point, I hadn't thought about it because Norway is in the EEA (sort of broader economic-focused EU) so you can freely go there from anywhere in the EU if you have a passeport, and stay for 3 months. Once there you can apply for an extension as long as you have a job.
For US citizens I don't know, but Norway has a fairly welcoming immigration policy, especially if you have a job there / have qualifications, and I am 100% sure you don't need to speak Bokmal or Nynorsk to emmigrate there (althought that might come in handy if you plan to work there : Bokmal is spoken by 90% of the population)
You do however need to speak one of the two to have citizenship.

Comment Re:China (Score 1) 72

Oh yes the Chinese government's honnesty...
Are you refering to the 150,000 people the Chinese government employs to censor the web and post propaganda on social networks ?
Or maybe you're refering to the cover-up following the accident on the new high speed train that cost the lives of several hundred people ? A train that was burried along with all the cadavers a mere 36 hours after the accident to make sure no investigation would be possible ?
You're talking about a country where you've never lived and of which you apparently know nothing.
And yes I'm saying he is bribing policemen, because to live in China and do half of what you're allowed to do in the USA freely, you will have to bribe policemen, on a weekly basis.
So unless he lives inside his home 24/7 and doesn't use the internet (which seems like an ODD combo) then he's never been to china (or alternatively he has never been outside china)
And I am in no way making the promotion of the US government or the american way of life, I am not american and I am very critical of both, but saying China is a land a freedom is basically like saying Israel is a land of peace. It is insulting to the millions of people who are suffering daily there, and it is insulting to the memory of the millions who died in the name of freedom & peace.

Comment Re:China (Score 0) 72

You're an ignorant selfish asshole to suggest China is a land of freedom. Just because you happen to be OK making 10 times the average salary there and bribing policemen easily doesn't mean it's the land of freedom.
It's one of the most repressive government on earth, it's in the top 10 of the most corrupt countries, and it is not far from the worst in terms of personnal freedom, tolerance and racism. And the freedom of speech is so great too...
You can get 20 years in jail for 10g of pot in China. So either you never stepped foot in China, or you live in a freaking parallel universe dude.

Comment Re:emigrate to where? (Score 4, Informative) 72

They have a small minority of maybe 5% of right wing nutjobs (but as you are american it is really nothing you can't handle) but other than that it's probably the most democratic place on earth right now.
Just to justify this : reaction of the US government after 9/11 => Patriot act and 2 wars
Reaction of the mayor of Oslo after the shootings this year by far-right terrorrist : "We need even more democracy".
Salaries are great, inequalities are pretty low, social tension is almost inexistant, and the welfare state is rock solid and financed for almost ever by Oil money and the $400 billions Strategic investment Fund the Norvegian governement created with it.
Oh and EVERYBODY speaks english. Literally.

Comment Re:Audiophiles (Score 1) 468

Don't compare people spending money on a speaker, a analog device, and people spending money on a HDMI Cable, digital.
Yes any HDMI cable is the same regardless of the price, but hell no not all speakers are equal. And if you don't believe me I suggest you compare the sound that comes out of your laptop and the sound that comes out of an HiFi.

Comment Re:french military victories (Score 1) 600

Quite true.

Contrary to some popular beliefs, the Maginot Line was never breached from the front (once surrounded a few smaller forts were captured) and the French had more tanks with better armor and guns than the Germans did. The defeat was really one of leadership, strategy and tactics.

I couldn't agree more, but I think the first mistake of leadership was not to attack Hitler in 1938.

Comment Re:Something needs to give (Score 1) 328

Coming from a citizen of a country that is younger than the times discussed and who's 8th grade history lessons consisted of the tale of the pilgrims and thanksgiving, it really hurts...
You're lecturing me on the history of my fucking country/continent you ignorant pedantic arrogant idiot!
PS: 8th grade is for Antiquity in France, that would be what you called the Jesus story back where you hillbillies come from.

Comment Re:We First Need Responsible Parents... (Score 1) 317

I didn't say good parenting wasn't the best option, of course it is ! What I said was you're mislead in your reasonning because you assume that we have to "maintain" good parenting, whereas it isn't at all the norm.
Good parenting isn't the solution it is the GOAL.
You sound like French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007 : "my Program is to have 3.5% annual GDP growth!", Well that's great and all but it isn't a program, it is a fucking goal.

Comment Re:Something needs to give (Score 1) 328

I do agree on the citation needed, but on the second point you're utterly ignorant.
Before printing, the almost all of the writing was done by monks, and the Bible was of course their very best seller.
Why do you think all the great figures of the 1000-1600 (Descartes, Pascal, Erasmus ...) were monks or priests ? because they controled all the knowledge and all the writings, and they were among the only who could teach how to read/write.
So yes the church lost most of its control over the writing of the bible with printing, one could argue that it was one of the major aid in the develloppement of the Reform. Printing also put and end to the constant rewriting of the scriptures (which the Catholic church controled) because with so many identical bibles now everywhere making changes became more visible

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