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Comment Like windows (Score 1) 110

People don't like their OS to make network connections without a good reason. When I install a system, i expect it to make NO traffic at all, when I am not doing anything with it.
We can talk about stuff like NTP and update checks, IF I explicitely enabled it possibly automatic updates. But no fetching of random messages. What's next? Fetching new wallpapers? Sending telemetry data?

Comment Re:Why I decided never to implement AMP (Score 1) 145

The thing is: AMP should make it the standard.

A subset of html, a subset of javascript. Possibly some instruction counting (like "total js is no bigger than 4k" but not on filesize (which would just get more minimization) but on instructions and complexity).

You can open you menu with javascript, if you really don't know how to do it otherwise. But you cannot load a external script, which loads an external script, which loads an tag, which loads an ad ...

Comment Re:Accommodating fat fingers without excess scroll (Score 1) 145

your browser can let you choose.

Did you know, that firefox allows you to use alternative stylesheets in the "view" menu? when a site provides a stylesheet with rel="alternative", you can choose it there. And old mozilla had button navigation for rel="next", rel="previous" links. Browsers had nice features even before html5 ...

Comment Why I decided never to implement AMP (Score 1) 145

Mandatory Javascript (mandatory loaded from google cdn) for a restricted subset of HTML?

1) Define a Subset of HTML
2) Create a Parser
3) Validate the page. When it's AMP display it with your fast parser, if not open a browser
4) ???

Why does it need javascript?! Javascript should be FORBIDDEN on "fast" pages.

Comment Yes and No (Score 1) 137

Who cares about a bug free system, when there is only one crappy phone, where it works? Of course, the bugs should not be too extreme, but still adding hardware support has a priority as well. And bugfree systems are rare. Have a look at the mozilla bugtracker. And there are many serious problems, ten year old platform bugs and so on. But firefox mostly works and that's the important part. Abitious projects do not have the ressources to do everything perfect. And there are always more new bugs than fixed ones. If you're in a market as mobile phones or browsers, you need to keep up with features. HTML5 gets new features like every month. So when do you have the time to fix the minor bugs of the feature from a year ago? You start doing so, when people actually care and report they are having big trouble with them. Or when you got a bit of spare time. But now while the users are complaining, that netflix runs slower as it does on chrome.

Comment Re:Haha (Score 2) 137

route and ifconfig always were shit.

route had a horrible syntax. "ip route" now has a syntax which is almost proper english and you can always use the same command and swap add for del to remove the very same route.
ifconfig and multiple ips on one interface ... ohh this new idea, who needs it? Lets call it eth0:1 instead!
iproute2 is a nice idea.

systemd on the other hand started with solving a few problems (dependencies of initscripts, cgroups to assign ressources and reliably detect running processes and kill them if they are not stopping) and grew to a horrible monster. Nobody would object a cool initsystem. I remember the old days, when systemd came around with fancy bootcharts and fast booting and everyone saw it as the next cool thing.
But they did not know when to stop. If this is successful, let's add that, it will be successful as well and we're knowing what we're doing, aren't we?

Comment Re:It's easy (Score 1) 137

You never have this from the start. But somehow you need to start. Ubuntu Phone had its chance, because there is a lot of user base, which wishes android was more open (not from the source licence, but from the development process and restrictions like locked bootloaders).
Okay, a lot not like "a lot of iphone users", but like "Hey, we're not selling sour beer there are many people who really like our idea right from the start"

Comment Re:Freent (Score 1) 127

Freenet is a distributed block storage. Your content stays in there as long as it's wanted or as long as you reinsert it. Its a bit like torrents with DHT, but you're guaranteeds some distribution, even when nobody downloaded from you, yet. Still it dies, when you stop seeding and everyone else stops seeding/loading.

> I'd rather just run my own server, which would cost me the same except my content will be available for as long as I want it to be, not when Freenet decides to drop it.
On the other hand, it is instantly dead if your server hoster pulls the plug. On freenet the content may stay forever. Or at least long enough, you can download it again to start creating your site again.

In the end it is always +/- 0. But The +/- 0 is more failsafe, because there is some redundancy in there and the content isn't associated with the creator and his servers anymore.

Comment Why not? (Score 1) 80

Advertisers want clicks, I do not want to see their shit. So my headless firefox is allowed to click (with a separate profile because of tracking cookies and so on) and I can support the websites which cry because of my adblocker.
If anyone objects, he should stop crying. Either they want me to load their ad or they do not want me to.

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