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Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 302

First: Ignore apple, when apple ignores you.
Second: Who wants a loading screen for a webapp? When i use a webapp, i do so because i just want the interface without the crap, which needs loading screens until the program started. Push notifications from a website? No thank you I am not missing it.

Comment Woosh (Score 1) 93

Do you really think something like Siri needs an AI to work?
It needs some clever prerecorded questions and answers and some fuzzy matching for the questions. And then it works better than an AI, as its clear what features siri can provide and what it cannot. So Some program optimized works out of the box, while some AI optimizing itself needs a long time to reach 90% of this. Of course, the AI can work and its hyped now, but most products do not need an AI.

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