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Comment Re:"Developers, Developers, Developers..." (Score 0) 213

The iPhone is also enticing for developers because you only have to develop for AT&T's network and its restrictions.

When you develop an application for the BlackBerry, you could find that a feature that works on AT&T doesn't work on Verizon, or behaving entirely differently on T-Mobile or Sprint.

Comment Major Problems with Android (Score 0) 211

FTA: "The developer laments issues with the market interface [...] and a lax return policy (24-48 hour returns, no questions asked). But the issue of piracy is also raised, [...] A cursory search of popular torrent sites reveals bundles of Android games for download."

For a prospective developer, those are some serious issues... I was hoping that the second half of the article would mention some changes in the platform that would solve those issues, but the only solution that is offered is to "monetize apps through advertising."

Investing time to master the Android SDK seems exciting because it's a chance for everyone who missed out on the initial iPhone app wave to catch a new wave. However, after reading this article it seems like it would be more advantageous invest time creating an awesome app for the iPhone.

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