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Comment Bout time (Score 4, Interesting) 83

I think that fee shifting should automatically be a part of any civil case. During the settlement, dismissal, or awarding process, the judge should be required to ask both sides if the bringer of the suit should pay legal fees, or a percentage of. As it stands, when you sue, most of the time you have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you get the right lawyer. Change that, break the cycle, and sanity might have a fighting chance.

Comment Alarm Clocks (Score 1) 439

How many people pop right up at 0'dark thirty in the morning and start getting ready for school/work/drinking without any signal? Yeah, me neither. The alarm clock allowed for the suburbs by letting employees not have to cluster around public alarm clocks (church bells, factory whistles, etc). If my alarm clock is late, I'm late, if it's early, i lose precious moments in bed (not as bad as the first case, but still irksome).

I hope this gets swatted down on behalf of every person who has to wake up before dawn and doesn't rely on their cell phone to wake them up.

Besides, my Mr. Coffee machine is PFM (Pure effin magic) in that it has a warm, freshly brewed carafe of joe waiting for me every morning, if this grid experiment screws that up, I might just go on a pre-coffee shooting rampage.

Comment New year of the linux desktop? (Score 1) 98

It seems like every 5-10 years or new development points to wearable electronics. First, transistors, then microchips, a decade or so ago, it was small lithium batteries, now? compact wireless. Of course i didn't RTFM, but we've been "wearing" our electronics for years. Carrying cell phones has been the status quo for a decade, walkmans/diskmans for longer. Yes, we carry more electronics every day, but I still wear a timex ironman which has the same functionality as the timex ironman I got in 1994 (indiglo FTW!). However, I doubt that people will consent to wearing t-shirts that monitor heart rate, undies that take/analyze stool/urine samples, and shoes that measure stress as long as you can get cheap clothes that look good and are comfortable. Also, the average person can, you know, feel what's going on with themselves and if they're the kind of person who would buy a watch to monitor heart rate, they can take their pulse by hand and will. How many people do you know regularly check their pulse? Especially when not exercising?

Wearable electronics are in direct competition with simple sensors that feed into your smartphone. Integrate the electronics into a garment and you only get to wear it once a week (more if you're grody) or however often you do laundry. Watches do lots, but people like not having to recharge or change batteries more than once a year.

Comment Re:N950 too... (Score 2) 252

The problem is the N950 will only be available to a select few developers, and will have zero warranty or support. Still, if you can get your hands on one it'd make for a fantastic N900 replacement.


After seeing what nokia had done with w7, i lost faith. After seeing the lack of keyboard on the n9, I bought an atrix. While i'd like to see maemo/meebo take off, and i dearly loved my n900, I'll be keeping my atrix as having a rooted webtop environment and a walled garden phone makes due for me.

Comment Re:WANTED: Editor! (Score 2, Funny) 226

I would like to review Anonymous Coward's review of the above movie review. It was well put together, but had line breaks at odd points. I wasn't expecting much from this review of the movie review, but this review of a review came through and delivered the critique I have come to expect from ACs here at /.

Comment YES!!! This is why the android bugs me so much! (Score 2) 254

I'm not being sarcastic here, but this is why i've felt that the atrix i own is an inferior phone to the n900. In the n900, the upper corner always took you to the multi task screen where you could close the application out, and if you closed the app, it always worked. This was because it had a not-as-friendly-to-touch interface that was based of of linux guidelines. There was consistency, but if the button wasn't visible, all applications still responded to it (unless they were frozen, then a freeze popup would happen, allowing you to close).

This has been bugging me for the past few months with the android, and now i know why it just doesn't feel up to snuff. The android phone is the first phone i've ever owned that had mystery behavior.

Comment So What (Score -1, Troll) 73

Ok, so this is a slashvertisement for a service that specializes in angel investments, but what was the impact? How many businesses were successfully funded? How many of those continued to provide a living and way out of poverty or novel, useful product to society? How many year one businesses beat the 90% failure rate that most small businesses fall to in the first year?

What good has this service done with its 85% collected funds?

Would it matter if 25% of 188 million was collected vs 85% of 53 million? What if the collection rate was 100% of 47? Do these metrics mean anything to anybody besides kickstarter? All told, this summary leaves us with a massive case of slashdot blueballs.

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