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Comment Re: Cloud != Backup (Score 4, Informative) 310

It does in the short term. Most of the cloud services let you recover/undelete a file for up to 30 days.

You're right that it's not a "real backup", but honestly you aren't going to get most people to do a real backup with any consistency. Cloud backup of a documents folder is a useful stopgap.

Comment Re:Some good parts, but some rather absurd parts (Score 2) 1591

The way I understood it, often you can put a little clip thing inside a normal magazine to not allow more than a certain number of bullets

Yes. Most commonly you see them installed in tube magazines on shotguns to limit them to whatever your state hunting regs deem appropriate (usually 3 rounds). The block can be removed to restore normal capacity if desired.

To use an AR-15 30 round magazine as an example, it wouldn't be particularly difficult to install a kit that blocks the lower part of the magazine, with a shorter spring to install between the block and the follower. It would still look like a 30 round magazine but would only hold the reduced number. The problem would be that this is easily reversed by removing the block and putting the original spring back in place. I can't see the idiots in the NY legislature trusting their subjects *ahem* constituents with such potential evil.

Comment Blocking the crap (Score 2) 114

This is the only way I'm going to get through the next couple of months without strangling some of my FB friends and acquaintances:

Short version: browser add on that lets you (among other things) filter FB to not show you posts containing words like Romney and Obama.

Comment Every group has its careless idiots (Score 5, Insightful) 709

And recreational shooters are no different. In tinderbox conditions like this you can shoot safely, but you have to be careful. Don't shoot steel jacketed or steel cored ammunition, stick to plain lead or copper jacketed only. Don't shoot tracers, don't use gimmick ammo like Dragon's Breath shotgun shells. Above all, pay attention and be prepared to put out a fire. If you're not prepared to do all of that, then maybe you should just do something else until the weather changes.

I'm an avid shooter and probably own more guns than most of the people reading this. My knee jerk reaction is to defend "my" side, but I also want to smack down the morons making the rest of us look bad.

Comment Re:The two I legally need to have to go about my d (Score 1) 380

Well now, I think *I* would be the one who stopped doing business with YOU if you feel the need to carry a firearm into MY business.

Tip: The 'wild west' was in the 1800's...

a) You are perfectly within your rights to do so. I don't insist that I have a right to carry on your property, I just say that I choose to do business elsewhere.

b) The 'wild west' was greatly exaggerated. Based purely on murder rate per capita, I'd rather live in 1870 Dodge City than almost any inner city neighborhood in 2012.

Comment Re:The two I legally need to have to go about my d (Score 4, Informative) 380

Assuming he lives in the united states is not enough. It is not legal in all 50 states to carry a concealed weapon

It's a reasonable assumption though. There is only one state (Illinois) in the US which completely outlaws concealed carry. The other 49 states all have some variation of concealed carry law in place. I'll grant that in places like California, New York or Hawaii it's difficult to obtain one unless you're wealthy or have the right friends, but many of us live in more enlightened states with "shall-issue" laws in effect.

As for businesses and schools, you simply have to be aware of the laws of your state and behave accordingly. I don't carry on school property and I've stopped doing business with companies which choose to disallow carrying on their premises. It's really not that complicated.

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