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Comment Local middle school? (Score 1) 129

Big deal. 30 years ago my kids in middle school could get anything you can imagine right there at school. That hasn't changed at all, in spite of suspending girls for having Midol in their backpacks. More people are using drugs (including alcohol and tobacco - it's the money, stupid!) than ever before. Considering the scandals that are uncovered from time to time about the government using drug running itself to further its own interests it's pretty obvious that this is just one of the more blatant attempts to make their bloated "war on drugs" empire look like it's doing something.

Comment Re:Not seeing the issue here (Score 5, Insightful) 209

And then the public defender you're assigned because you can't afford a decent lawyer tells you to go ahead and plead guilty to the lesser charge, even though everyone knows it's a false charge (the accusing party has a long history of making such charges and is well-known to the local police and judiciary) since it really doesn't mean anything, and you'll just get probation, but if you take it to trial they'll be mad and will throw the book at you. And two weeks after you are frightened and pressured into pleading guilty, and are sentenced to several years in prison, your lawyer is hired by the state as an assistant prosecutor.

Comment Re:You know what's really sad? (Score 1) 129

Reminds me of the time my Cuban refugee ex-husband wanted me to help him work with the widow of a deceased Spanish ambassador to Nigeria, who needed to move several million dollars out of a Nigerian bank account before the Nigerian government seized the money. It took a while to convince him that it was a scam.

Comment Re:8000? (Score 1) 97

With my own children, I used cloth diapers, and washed 3 dozen diapers twice a week. I had my children very close together, so I had two in diapers most of the time. And before I get any of these "popping out babies" cracks, it wasn't my idea. Marital rape does exist, and is not any more pleasant than any other variety.

Comment Re:8000? (Score 2) 97

I worked as a nanny for triplets for nine months. I'd say that I changed each one 8-10 times a day. The well-baby clinic said it was the first set of triplets they'd ever seen that never had any sign of diaper rash. The grandparents provided the diapers, with the stipulation that I use as many as I saw fit without worrying about cost.

Comment Re:wrong and trivial solutions (Score 2) 378

When I was in the Navy, there was a key rack in the wachstander's office (barracks watch). Oncoming watchstanders called in to base security to report status, including the presence of all keys, at regular intervals. One petty officer who was a good friend of the barracks chief kept the keys to the barracks back door in her room so she could let her boyfriends in. I was always getting in trouble when I stood watch because I refused to falsify my reports. I would report the key missing, and base security would come blasting into the barracks to find the key, and I had no trouble telling them where it was. I still have the scars, after more than 40 years, from the several times I was assaulted in the barracks because of it.

Comment Re:Apples and Oranges (Score 1) 186

That's not unusual. One of my kids is in the Texas state pen, where they don't provide much at all... including no writing materials, no lunch on the weekends, no personal hygiene items, no Internet access thus no email. So I scraped up $20 to put in his account so he could at least write me every now and then and buy a toothbrush. The state took it all, as a repayment of the "services" that he is receiving as a "guest" of the state. And I thought Charles Dickens wrote about 19th century England.

Comment Re:Startup or frat party? (Score 4, Interesting) 274

I worked for a startup like this, pure software (a website). When I started, there were ~80 employees in one office. Within two years this grew to over 400 employees in three offices, with regular outings, breakfasts, etc etc which I never attended, except for one breakfast that was held at a fancy hotel within walking distance of my home.

At one point, my department manager "volunteered" us to work on the weekend. He was quite surprised when all but one or two of us were not at all agreeable.

During the third year, the layoffs started. My department manager was in the first wave of layoffs, and the poor young man was actually in tears from the shock. By the end, after the fourth wave of layoffs when I specifically asked to be laid off since I couldn't handle the stresses in the office any more, there were around ~60 employees left, and the owners sold out for several hundred million dollars. The site did go on to become a part of a very large corporate web presence, but in a different country.

It was all done deliberately, to build the business, then "downsize" until the bottom line looked good, then sell. Meanwhile, young people had gotten married, started families, bought homes. All based on this huge lie. During one of the performance reviews, just before the layoffs began, everyone was asked "do you believe in (x company)?" Not being young and inexperienced in corporate behavior, and having researched the owner's previous start-up behavior, I baldly said "No". Their long-promised IP (I'd been given 2,500 of their vaporware shares in an effort to persuade me to stay) didn't happen until just a few weeks before the sale.

In four years they had burned through $70,000,000 in venture capital.

Comment Re:Useless bullshit (Score 1) 60

Well. This got me curious, so I did some research and found that there are, indeed, such fonts. Thank you for your attitude. If you hadn't felt that such a thing was useless because you didn't happen to see a use for it yourself, I wouldn't have been irritated enough to go looking. You see, that was the reason why my father, then my husband, kept me from ever getting my hands on a computer until he decided he could use one after all.

Comment Re:Useless bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 60

Oh really? I would find such a thing extremely useful in creating knitting and other needlework designs. There is a fairly standard set of images for creating pattern charts, but a font representing these stitches would be even better - no need for the usually Windows-only pattern creation software that uses these standardized images.

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