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Comment Re:The will to be free (Score 1) 648

I wonder what "basic task" you're talking about ?
If it's normal tasks like many other people: music, mail, web browsing, video, IM, you will find no different with windows. I'm using Thunderbird, Chrome, VLC, Pidgin, Banshee and all of them work almost the same on 2 system.
When it comes to flash, in my opinion Flash in Ubuntu (using 64bit lab flash) is sucks, but when I switch to Windows at work, I found that Flash in Windows sucks too. Flash in Ubuntu works just fine, Chrome have flash and PDF viewer embed
Find software ? Is it your joke ? Any Linux distro has Software centre or some thing like that, it's even better in Ubuntu with theirs, install software with .deb is just like install .msi in windows (except many Next button).
I don't want to start a flamewar about Linux vs Windows, but your experience with Linux is too old, grab a modern Linux distro and change your mind.

Comment Re:AdBlock (Score 1) 292

>>New in version 2.0: Ads are actually blocked from downloading now, instead of just being removed after the fact!
Am I misunderstanding or something wrong with Adblock system ?

Comment I think TFA is wrong... (Score 2, Informative) 59

I'm living in VietNam, and I think the article have some misleading
The government only require the Internet Cafe have a server that install a Internet cafe management software accepted by the government, although the accepted list isn't issued yet, but they don't force the Internet Cafe to install any software. It's mostly to prevent student to access porn and some other blacklisted site in Internet Cafe.
I think it's fine, because most internet cafes are using one, like Vinagame's CSM

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