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Comment Tinfoil hat time? (Score 1) 174

Was it really a NASA balloon? What about the bodies witnesses claimed to see around the crash site? Those were just anthropomorphic dummies, eh? Video of the crash you say? Well, they have video of Apollo landing on the moon too and that didn't happen! *Wonders how long until someone says this in a non-joking manner*

Comment Re:Not unintentional (Score 3, Interesting) 171

Sounds a lot like "Stealthy IP Prefix Hijacking". Advertise a BGP route that will be accepted by some people to attract their traffic. Do it correctly, it may be less noticeable than a full prefix hijacking (though it was obviously noticed in this case). You can also attempt to moderate the amount of traffic you receive so that you don't DOS yourself with the incoming flow and you can analyze the traffic easier. BGP is a pretty insecure protocol and depends a lot upon the upstream providers filtering announcements properly.

Comment Re:Lack of knowledge (Score 1) 277

Get a grip, and learn. I suggest going back to school. Just my opinion though.

Ah, but here lies the problem. Schools are no longer teaching COBOL. They are teaching Windows and Linux, C++ and JAVA, and distributed/clustered computing. They, apparently, could care less about COBOL and mainframes.

Comment Re:Wouldn't... (Score 1) 136

I think Adobe (PDF and Flash) are the biggest nuisance to computers. I hate it when PDFs in firefox freeze the browser.

Check out the FF add-on PDF Download. When you click on a link that goes to a PDF it prompts you and asks if you want to open it in the browser, save it to disk, or open in with Adobe Reader (outside the browser). No more FF lockups on PDFs for me.


Submission + - Pirated Version of Windows 7 Has Malware Built-in 1

TreyGeek writes: The Security Fix Blog has posted a story where the Damballa security firm in Atlanta reports a malware infested version of Windows 7. It appeared on P2P sites a few days after developers were allowed access to Windows 7 RC. Apparently, one of the first things it does when it boots up is checks an Internet server to see what additional kinds of malware to install on the pirated version of Windows 7.

Comment You work in a federal court? Where's your ID? (Score 1) 442

You work in a federal court? Where's your ID that lets you walk by the US Marshall without going through security procedure? You shouldn't have to worry about cameras on your laptop or your cell phone. Even if you don't "Work in a federal court" it is as simple as answering the US Marshall's responding to the question, "Do you have a camera on that thing?", "No Sir." I've passed by a US Marshall manning a metal detector too many times to know this should work.

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