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Comment Re:Cognitive dissonance... (Score 2, Insightful) 647

Actually, the major problem with the US is distance. Japan is the size of California, France is 4/5th the size of Texas (size of France / size of Texas). We've spread out- look at the cities of Asia and Europe- fairly tight; but they too have the same problem of broadband out in the country side.

That said, there still is no excuse for the crappy service that we live with, and the competition should be encouraged by ending excursively.

I've got one word for you: Sweden

They've got a lower population density and faster connections.

Comment Re:What is really wrong with trains? (Score 1) 299

People may feel like the pod they're currently in is "theirs". And we've seen what people do in their own cars and how they can treat them: eating, smoking, littering, f#%&ing, you name it. Then consider also what people do in/on city buses and subway systems. After a pod has been in service for the first 48 hours, will it be clean/sanitary enough that others will want to use it?

I imagine that there's a simple solution to this, for the food and vandelism you could identify the culprits with the payment method (like a rechargeable card that linked to your ID) combined with videocameras. The cameras would also prevent most people from having sex in them if the videos are played on TV like they do in Spain ;-). Of course, the thing I dislike about this is "they" could find out exactly when and where you go any time you use this service.

Comment Re:Always 5 Years (Score 1) 553

Five years. It's always five years. Tomorrow would be nice for once.

OK, I'll do it! Just this morning I discovered an almost entirely free way to build a solar cell with an efficiency over 80%! But as I'm exhausted from all my hard work (it took me a few hours to get the construction right) I'll post the instructions on Wikileaks sometime tomorrow and everyone will be able to have access to much cheaper energy. Have a nice day!

*gets assassinated*

Comment Re:Herbal medicine has limited value (Score 1) 713

Name an alternative medicine and it almost certainly HAS been looked into and debunked. These people are True Believers. They don't let pesky things like scientific dismissal of their ideas get in their way.

I like the way you use the word 'scientific' as if it's the ender of all doubt for rational people and anyone that questions it isn't. Scientific method in itself is great but that doesn't mean that the people using it are.

Overall I have a lot of faith in science but when there are multi billion-dollar markets involved like the one pharmaceutical companies are in, there tend to be some less than scrupulous people around and as a result it wouldn't surprise me if results are skewed for the sole purpose of maintaining their hold on the market. Put simply, if someone managed to make a pill that could cure everything, do you really think that they'd sell it?

Now before someone jumps on my back, I'm not saying that it necessarily happens or that there aren't good people that really want to help, I just think it's worth considering other options (even if you end up discarding them) and where it is that other people's interests lie... though I admit that it sometimes takes a long time to reach any conclusions on what it is I believe ;-)

Comment Re:Herbal medicine has limited value (Score 0, Redundant) 713

A good example of this is chiropracty. those doctors know a lot more about muscle skeletle injury diagnosis that the orthopedic surgeons I have been to. But they also then reccomend all kinds of crazy cures like aroma therapy and magnets. SO the quality of their patient asseement skills gets tossed out with the bathwater of their bullshit cures.

I agree that there are a lot of quacks that are in it for the money, but when I was in China my friend with a slipped disk was having some serious back pains and went to a doctor of Chinese medicine. After a fire-cupping and drinking herbal teas for a week he helt much better.

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