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Comment Re:USB OTG (Score 1) 87

There's at least one app out there that give you read access to USB drives without rooting. It's called Nexus Media Importer and runs $3. Obviously it doesn't apply to anyone installing Ubuntu, but for those who want to stick with Android & don't want to root their device, it can take care of simple use cases like loading photos from a camera, pulling audio files from a thumb drive, etc.

Comment Re:WHERE?!? (Score 4, Informative) 43

Anywhere with clear skies, though as I understand it you can see more in the Northern hemisphere.

This is an event that takes place over several days and is based on the Earth's path through the solar system, so it doesn't matter what time zone you're in. Wherever you are, your patch of land will rotate into the right position at the same local time.

Comment Good idea for mobile devs too... (Score 1) 76

Except they need to randomly turn off the network connection in their test envronment. It's amazing how many mobile apps assume you'll always have a solid connection and never be in an elevator, or walking between tall buildings, or the basement of a convention center, or any other place with a spotty or overloaded signal.

Comment Gee, thanks SOPA. Sort of. (Score 5, Interesting) 94

I remember this being something that came up during the fight over SOPA: Namely, that while the entertainment industry is used to lobbying the government, the tech industry was fractured and didn't see lobbying as a high priority, so the success Hollywood had at railroading some of those crazy ideas just blindsided them. (Stacked hearings, deliberately ignoring experts, etc.) It became clear that something would have to level the field, and since we know the RIAA, MPAA and friends aren't going to back off on their lobbying (and we know the government isn't going to stop listening to lobbyists), the solution is a tech lobby.

Comment Update: No recent hack, just repackaged old data (Score 5, Informative) 66

From CNet's article:

After Lamo and others found that at least some of the alleged account data had been posted on the Web last year and speculated that the list appeared to be compiled from various sources, including spam accounts, Twitter provided CNET this statement when asked for comment: "We've looked into this and can confirm that Twitter was not compromised. For extra precaution, yesterday, we pushed out password resets to accounts that may have been affected."

Comment Re:What. (Score 1) 652

It's not about blaming the driver (and if you think the driver is as much or more of a victim than the dead child or the child's parent, you have a really twisted view of reality). It's about giving the responsible driver better tools to more effectively do what he's doing already.

If you don't think the benefit is worth the expense, that's one thing, but you sound like someone complaining that mandating railings on stairways is an abdication of personal responsibility that forces responsible people to pay for those irresponsible people who don't have perfect balance when they climb stairs.

Comment Re:More regulations = more regulators (Score 1) 652

They used to do this and people were getting killed left and right on the highways in accidents which today are easily survivable.

And in an interesting twist, I read an article about artificial hearts the other day which noted that because of the decrease in traffic fatalities due to all these safety features, the supply of hearts for organ transplants has dropped dramatically, putting more pressure on the effort to build a long-lasting artificial heart.

Comment Re:What. (Score 1) 652

I'm willing to bet almost all involve old people whose vision and concentration are past their prime, young people without much experience, and people who are very distracted.

If by "young people without much experience," you mean the toddlers who haven't quite grasped the lesson that they shouldn't walk behind the car to wave bye bye to mommy or daddy or aunt so-and-so because they're too short to be seen over the back of the car using mirrors up at the front, then yeah.

But while that's what the proposal is focused on, that doesn't sound like what you're talking about.

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