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Comment Re:I don't have anything really smart to say (Score 4, Informative) 599

Lou Gehrig and the eponymous legionnaires are the rare exception.

Perhaps you've heard of Alois Alzheimer, Hans Asperger, Thomas Hodgkin, James Parkinson, or Georges Tourette. Then again, probably not. But you've most likely heard of Alzheimer's Disease, Asperger Syndrome, Hodgkin Disease (or at least non-Hodgkin Lymphoma), Parkinson's Disease, and Tourette Syndrome.

Comment Re:yet another justification (Score 1) 101

It's not that it doesn't work, it's just that if your GPS happens to be getting a time signal from that one particular satellite, the accuracy might be degraded.

Not even, since there are integral status/reliability bits in the GPS constellation download. The "faulty" satellite is marked as unusable (just as it has been since it was launched in March, because it's in testing), and will be ignored by receivers. There are more than sufficient other satellites to cover the sky, so... no problem.

Comment Lies.301 N Edgewood Ave (Score 1) 519

Unicomp does not produce "vintage model M keyboards". They produce a line of keyboards that are quite similar, but the key action isn't exactly the same, and their M13-alike is totally wrong; the nub is bigger, and squishy, and doesn't move the same at all. Since Trackpoint is honestly much more important to me than "clicky" action, and since real M13s are super rare and expensive, I've moved on top non-clicky Trackpoint-II boards like the 3923 that are easier to find used.

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