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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 297

I seem to recall a Google study that said almost the opposite. It points to a small spike increase in death rates in the first few months, then a drop, followed by a continued climb. Their references also point to issues with specific types of drives, though I haven't read it and can't speak to the results.

Comment Re:It's all about the money. (Score 2) 375

When technological changes occur faster in an economy than social changes you end up with massive social disorder. That was the whole issue with the Luddites. Their way of life was being changed by new technology faster than the social structures were changing. People reacted violently. In time social structures and people's views caught up with where the economy had moved and things settled down into a new pattern for a while. We may be due for another rough transition.

Comment Re:Democracy. (Score 1) 356

21,000 out 20,000 in. They lost 1,000 domains for basically shitting on their customers. Yet their support for SOPA stands, despite the half assed mea culpa. Every person who voted with their wallet against SOPA still has to live with the outcomes in the political realm and Godaddy loses almost nothing.

Comment Re:Accidental overdose? (Score 2) 385

Or perhaps people people on high doses of opiates. My wife was on a very heavy dose of Oxycontin for a long time and there were more than a few occasions wherre she wasn't sure if she taken her pills yet. We always played it safe and held off when there was doubt, but there were a few occasions where I had to stop her because she was sure she hadn't taken it. Large doses of these rugs don't exactly leave you clear headed.

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