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Comment Re:STEM or VISA? (Score 1) 284

I would like to see the cause and effect tree that shows who the actors of this conspiracy could possibly be. not theoretically possible, but actually in real life because of something observable possible.

I could tell you, but you won't like the answer because it does not confirm your bias. so I'll let you go first.

Comment Re:I'll believe the stem crisis is real (Score 1) 284

your individual experience means the whole thing is made up?

I got into .net because asp support was being dropped, so I had to. we used vb because of the similarities. having done c++ I could also work in c# if needed.

but the main point - c# is really just a way to access .net framework, and it is HUGE. knowing c# by itself means nothing. I suspect this is your problem. that, combined with "most of what they do isn't that hard". get over yourself and start learning the framework.

Comment Re:Hanlon's Razor (Score 2) 284

every 20 years or so, education reform comes around again. the rallying cry has been "more stem" due to differences in USA vs Asian test scores. now schools are picking up on that, whether it is needed or not.

same time, "work readiness" is a big focus on what business wanted for 20 years. that is also a focus for reform. work ready means trained to be an employee, not employer. most people will be employees, so it makes sense if everyone gets the same basic curriculum, to teach employable skills.

now we have an education system primed to pump out serfs, and no one really to blame. independent actions and reactions. just failure of the people making decisions, because on average, they are average, and will reach faulty conclusions.

I say go back to teaching philosophy and argument, back to Greek basics, and wait it out.

Comment Re:Now, for the other angle, is this treason? (Score 2) 367

that's a rather absolutist perspective. isn't it possible that whistleblowing on a super sensitive program is both necessary and treasonous?

and that if found treasonous, a due process trial should happen?

and that the president could pardon the convict once the impact if that revelation is clear?

not saying that will apply, but it is far closer to reality than "all whistleblowing automatically erases harm from completely unrelated organizations and people", which is how your comment reads.

we are getting summarized information. keep in mind that the actual documents that the guardian and now Der Spiegel have likely contain a lot more detail. I'm betting It's well past treason already

Comment Re:FTFY (Score -1) 459

Or perhaps they comprehend it just fine, but they make a choice you disagree with

No, and that's the entire point of the article linked at the top of this page. They are not making a choice. A thought pops into their head and they go with it, rather than thinking about other options. Or if they do consider other options they don't make the choice that would be most helpful to them.

The 3 sodas a day example was not meant to be a tuition fund on its own - it is illustrating the lack of connection people make. The hypothetical person involved is not going to pay full tuition out of pocket, so you can add grants into your math as well.

It provides no guidance on a viable strategy for emerging from that environment, and your flippant advice about simply not drinking soda is symptomatic of another, perhaps larger problem, that poor people face: Prejudice

There is absolutely no basis for your conclusion. People can't think their way out of poverty because of the baggage that comes along with poverty. I don't see how the failure to connect immediate spending with future spending falls outside of that inability.

The people I have known who earned $10/hr or less buy stupid things and complain about having no money. They don't understand the difference between principal and interest, and don't seek lower interest rates on things like car loans. They are not stupid people, they just can't think about money. Getting out of poverty is not simple math. But we aren't talking about getting out of poverty. This is simple money management.

When I say "stupid things" up there, am I judging their purchases according to my own prejudices? Of course. Because I have good money management skills and they don't. Like buying an expensive car that has to be returned because they can't afford the payments. They lost money that could have gone towards owning a car, and have to start over. Stupid.

The far-reaching conclusions in the article seem to be the author's opinion and have nothing to do with the research at hand.

The finding further undercuts the theory that poor people, through inherent weakness, are responsible for their own poverty â" or that they ought to be able to lift themselves out of it with enough effort

That is opinion, outside the scope of the study. The disconnect between immediate and future spending is supported by the research presented.

Consider that, and consider than soda is not the only extra people can do without if they really want to be financially better off. Consider the role of grants and scholarships, and do your math again. I'm sure you will realize it's not so flippant of a comment.

Comment Re:slow news day (Score 2) 168

crazy people believing what turns out to be evidentially supported does not invalidate the evidence.

crazy people stumble on truth frequently, but the signal to noise ratio is abysmal. best to ignore them, but no need to discount them unless you impartially evaluate each claim.

Comment Re:fossil fueled debate (Score 1) 168

so the Noah flood story means animals traveled through space, and the end of "war of the worlds " was "great grandpa is that you?" which means Palin is automatically president, retroactively, and gays are illegal and fartbongo has to move back to Kenya.

those guys at fox "news" make it trivial to follow this science stuf.

Comment Re:Links to classified data should be labeled (Score 3, Informative) 271

if you haven't paid attention to the many other threads, your computer has to be wiped. as a programmer I keep notes and snippets and URLs and all kinds of helpful stuff handy. not to mention the installation and config.

if I worked on a controlled pc and clicked an interesting link while researching why Md5 is harmful so u can explain why a Microsoft patch disables cert checimg for md5 signatures, I have to start over.

a controlled computer, without being able to set options like disabling scripts, and likely ie8, on potentially underpowered hardware is a recipe for browser unresponsiveness. I constantly mis- click on android browsers, and dad's ie8 is slower than sloth crap.

a warning would be helpful, and if you still disagree, you should do all of your computing from a livecd with a 3.5" floppy for storage, to remind yourself what starting over entails.

assuming that source is controlled, mails are on the server, and your home drive is not local, most people would be down at least a day, best case, and slower than normal for weeks.

Comment Re:Devil's Advocate Here (Score 1) 57

The BSA if you are a member. Simple, no?

Also, straw man. Laws are not enforced the same in different cities due to different priorities. Barney Fife might chase a stolen tractor to the end of the earth, but cops in a large city with piles of murders are going to wait it out unless there's a pretty white girl inside.

SWAT team should not be involved for copyright/patent issues, so you shouldn't be able to call anyone. but it happens (yes that is an old article, but feel free to search for bsa raid 2013 on your own)

Comment Re:How is that an "upshot"? (Score 1) 167

I just looked up the word in order to harangue recent usage, and found out I was wrong. we teach contextual language acquisition, because that is how people normally learn. and when it goes horribly wrong we have a completely tangential conversation about whether this is good.

I think I will return to correcting people again. except for begging the question, because we lost that one years ago

Comment Re:Useless academic is useless. (Score 2) 462

why aren't they exploring x instead of y?

people who explore math instead of global warming are a drain on the global economy.

anthropologists are a net drain on intracranial induction, preventing me from experiencing life as gorillas know it.

all scientists researching something other than my interest waste my time.

done here?

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