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Comment Re:x86 emulation layer (Score 1) 139

The situation for Apple was a little different because they basically killed the Motorola CPU product line so people had no choice to upgrade. But they also made the transition relatively painless with good emulation, "fat" binaries and a performance bump to incentivize people to shift over.

It's not even the first time for Windows has tried though either. Microsoft ported Windows NT to some other CPU architectures. The version for DEC Alpha had x86 instruction set emulation built into it. Not sure how well it ran, but clearly it didn't convince anybody to move off the x86 instruction set.

Even if it worked perfectly, there is little be gained for the majority of users from emulation. At best they get functioning but slow emulation. Windows software is so intractibly tied to x86 that as a precursor Microsoft really need to change their toolchains to target something like LLVM instead. Let people build an architecture neutral executable which is compiled on first invocation to the host architecture.

Comment Re:And as usual (Score 1) 238

Chromecast is Google's streaming device. Amazon stopped selling it when they developed their own equivalent device. Same for Amazon tablets, which are running a ripped off / forked version of Android tied to Amazon's own appstore ecosystem.

So it's understandable why they might be close to war with each other.

Comment Put into remission (Score 1) 224

Reverse implies a return to health, a cure. The study actually discovered people could put diabetes into remission which means the disease is on hiatus but it could come back. Important distinction.

Since 80% of type 2 diabetes is caused by obesity, the simplest way to avoid it is not be fat. It's mostly a self inflicted disease. If someone can follow a calorie restricted diet to put diabetes into remission, then maybe they have the willpower to not eat so much and exercise more and not get in that situation in the first place.

Comment Re: Henna stencil. (Score 1) 454

There are benefits to a functioning health system even for capitalists. They like a healthy workforce and they don't like paying for massive health insurance plans to incentivize people to join their company.

In the UK very few companies offer health insurance as a perk because people pay out of their taxes for it. And since everyone pays into the system, and the system itself is not for-profit, the "premium" is far less per capita too.

Comment Not really seeing the issue here (Score 1) 205

You enter an order into the store's system. The computer knows how many orders are ahead of it. The computer knows how long it should take to prepare the pizza, how long it should take in the oven, how long it should take to box it, how many delivery drivers are working, how many have clocked in through the door, how many deliveries are ahead of your pizza, how far roughly your house is from the store and long it should take to get there.

Then the computer makes an ESTIMATE based on adding up those values and your pizza resides in a particular state according to how long the chain it is. Is it "smoke and mirrors"? No because the estimate will usually be accurate assuming the system is working, traffic is usual, the driver doesn't get lost etc.

And like any system it's only as good as its inputs. Maybe "Melinda" is some dude, or Melinda doesn't like the "app truther" creep who tracks her online and swapped deliveries, or its maybe just the person who logged in that day. Maybe the driver did get lost. Maybe the pizza order got screwed up and so the tracking is out of whack with reality. Does that render the system worthless for the 99% of the time that it works as intended? Of course not.

Comment Re:Indeed. C++ is a better C (Score 4, Insightful) 608

Depends if you mean "replaced" in a binary sense because C and C++ have been utterly annihilated in a lot of problem domains, particularly middleware, business logic, web front ends, application development.

All the domains where speed isn't the biggest deal and where reliability / uptime / portability / maintainability are more important. That's why languages like Java, .NET, Python, Ruby, JS have made headway.

So where C/C++ tended to be all-encompassing, they're now relegated to performance critical areas where until recently there wasn't much choice. Kernels, embedded, systems services, games. Places where performance and/or memory footprint were critical.

But even there choice is opening up. Rust in particular produces code, that is for all intents and purposes as fast as C/C++ but which tends to be safer, more portable and reliable. If you prefer to tradeoff some speed for programming niceties then you can go for Swift and Go too.

If I were writing software from scratch these days I definitely consider other languages before C++. I might reject them for reasons but C++ and C would be the bottom of the pile.

Comment LOL "open revolt" (Score 1) 307

We'll judge the "open revolt" when EA outright drops the idea, or doesn't. The only way they'll do that is if they lose more money in sales thanks to loot boxes than they gain in sales thanks to loot boxes.

Personally I'm quite okay about ignoring games that pull this shit. Grind stinks, skinner box gambling stinks. But clearly this common sense hasn't permeated the mainstream consciousness or 99% of mobile games wouldn't be this way. I expect EA knows it too.

Comment Re: Jesus Christ... (Score 1) 595

Speed isn't always the primary concern. Stability, reliability, portability, ease of development and ease of can be far more important than raw speed. This is especially true in a lot of business software and middleware that powers websites, banks etc.

Speed still remains a concern in games, video / audio capture, telemetry, databases, HMIs, industrial control, services / daemons etc. which tends to be referred to as systems programming. C and C++ still dominate in this space but I suspect Rust and Go will eat significantly into that.

Comment I see 2 viable alternatives (Score 1) 595

Rust or Go. Rust for when you want absolute performance and reliability at the expense of programming convenience, and Go when you don't mind sacrificing a bit of performance and reliability for ease of programming convenience. Whatever Cx is doesn't stand a chance.

And the general sentiment that C or C++ is good enough if you program them right flies in the face of reality. Yeah they can be programmed right but rarely are. Rust for example shuts down classes of programming error from even happening.

Comment Re:"... might not encompass all of the characters" (Score 2) 236

This is Netflix we're talking about. If a story can be told in 8 episodes they'll make 16. And Lord of the Rings is an easy 3 seasons. So they'll make 6. It'll be thin, like butter scraped over too much bread as Bilbo would say.

Tom Bombadil will probably get one all to himself, gaily prancing around the forest and singing for 50 minutes.

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