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Comment Re:The rats' name is not 'Algernon', or is it? (Score 1) 302

No offense intended. My point is that the mid 40s and up camp (including me ;) are likely to think of Flowers for Algernon first. Since many of us already read it in high school when secret of NIMH came out. And were perhaps a bit (or more) too old for the movie. People roughly your age I would expect might think first of Secrets of NIMH, as you point out already in sequel mode and no doubt on TV a lot. I don't know how many 20 and under there are on Shashdot, but I expect they might think first of Pinky and the Brain. I know about the later 2 because I have kids. I'm not sure where the mice from Hitchhiker's Guide fall in. But it's a reoccurring theme, or perhaps meme and I find that interesting. Maybe the real question is how old are the researchers?

Comment Eyes of the world (Score 1) 1721

I think the real accomplishment that this reflects is Obamas role in changing the perception of the US as an aggressive unilateral nation that has no serious interest in dealing with global warming or participating in true international cooperation. In this respect it is similar to the Gorbachev award in the 90s. I think it is an opportunity for some introspection into how US diplomatic style affects the rest of the world for better or worse. It is also an indication of a changing of the winds on how we as a nation are perceived, and perhaps an opportunity for a better relationship with the larger community of nations. Like the general goodwill of other nations extended to the US after 911, this is an opportunity that can be squandered, or used constructively. Only time will tell whether Obama seizes or drops this moment.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Weapons of Norse Destruction

OshMan writes: "Wired just carried a brief article about Sweden building the World's First Stealth Ships. I half expected to see a wooden longship in the picture, but actually it's a high speed stealth attack ship. But, is it just me or didn't this kind of thing end very badly for Europe last time?"

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