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Comment Re:What the fuck is Google going to do about Andro (Score 4, Informative) 257

The telcos have absolutely nothing to do with updates for Android phones, with the exceptions of those that they themselves have branded. It's the manufacturers who are responsible. Your comments were sort-of true for the previous generation of feature phones, but Android devices aren't something telcos have control over.

The problem here is that manufacturers have few incentives, apparently, to keep Android devices up to date.

Submission + - WPA2: Broken with KRACK. What now? ( 1

tallackn writes: On social media right now, strong rumours are spreading that the WPA2 encryption scheme has been broken in a fundamental way. What this means: the security built into WiFi is likely ineffective, and we should not assume it provides any security.

The current name being seen for this is “KRACK”: Key Reinstallation AttaCK. If this is true, it means third parties will be able to eavesdrop on your network traffic: what should be a private conversation could be listened in to.

Comment Re:Self driving tech is a waste of money (Score 1) 208

The US rail industry actually encouraged cars and car-only suburbanization at one point, because they saw it the way you and the other idealists do: people would use their cars to drive to the stations, and then take the trains to their destinations.

That's not what happens. People don't get in a car to start a journey.

What is the incentive to to take a SDC to a subway station instead of where you want to go?

Comment Re:When AIs write code (Score 1) 204

the humans are no longer coders, they will instead be writing specifications for the code that the AI will write

And in what language will we be writing these specifications?

I've been "writing specifications for code a machine will write" for a long time. That is to say, I haven't written in assembly for quite some time, and most of my coding is done using programming languages converted into assembly by compilers.

So what you're saying is that there'll be no changes to my job.

Comment Re:Then and Now (Score 1) 173

There was no Internet for public discussion, so if the movie wasn't awesome there was no word of mouth (good or bad).

If the Internet were required for "word of mouth" the phrase wouldn't be "word of mouth"!

I've never known a time when there wasn't word of mouth, we've changed how we socialize but we haven't changed the fact we socialize. We also have always had access to movie reviews almost since the birth of cinema - true, we couldn't aggregate over a hundred, but the two or three we saw in the newspapers and magazines we read usually gave us a clue.

Star Wars is a famous example of a movie that actually became successful due to WoM. And that's back from 1977. Fox really didn't know how to market what they had on their hands, it ended up being people telling their friends it was awesome that made it a success.

Comment Re:The left is more complex than you think (Score 1) 635

But both sides!!! BOTH SIDES!!!

(Sidenote: A major reason for Third Wave Feminism is that second wave really did have strong negative rhetoric about sex work, which lead to many - including the people Feminists thought they were trying to help - rejecting the movement. So it's not always been true, although even second wave feminists felt the prostitution itself should be legal, though with nuisance provisions against kerb crawlers and other anti-social acts that customers of prostitutes brought.)

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