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Comment Re:CAFE Standards (Score 2) 236

Except that they sort of are http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_Average_Fuel_Economy#SUVs_and_minivans_created_due_to_original_mandate

SUVs and Minivans (and many "cars" that people don't realize fit in into those categories) are excluded from the more stringent car standard of 30.2 MPG and are instead allowed to guzzle just like true trucks at the less stringent 24.1 MPG rate.

The amount and type of loopholes in CAFE have changed over the years but there are still a large number of vehicles sold to average drivers that don't count as a "car" for CAFE purposes leaving the whole CAFE framework pretty weak sauce overall.

Comment Re:wsj: "U.S. Corn Belt Expands to North" (Score 2) 444

Cut man controlled mechanical CO2 emissions to 0 and it will cause no deaths

Cut C02 concentrations in the air to 0 and all hell breaks loose instantly.

So when someone says "Cut CO2 to 0" they are probably talking about some source of emissions or group of sources of emissions that excludes the CO2 required for living and produced by living.

Just like if someone says "cut off the heat" they don't mean bring the temperature to absolute zero. You don't have to think in such extremes just because a casual statement sounds like it might be asking for extreme measures.

Comment Re:I wonder if (Score 4, Insightful) 501

What production website do you know of where development stopped and the product had no issues?

Development is an ongoing process that goes up to and beyond the day of product release. There will always be security holes to patch, bugs to fix, changes to be implemented, new features to be added.

If you think you can release a product on day x and lay off / fire / furlough all the developers the same day and have a good product you are part of the problem not part of the solution.

Comment Re:Netflix will still live on...? (Score 1) 175

Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and all the others like them. And it's nice that the Wii uses less power than the XBOX # or PS# units.

Even the old Wii with the non component video cable is good enough video quality to be enjoyable on my 42" TV. $5 or so later after I get the component video cable I expect it will look even better.

If some day this Wii dies due to heat death or a bad cap or something I'll look at a roku or similar and I'll look at the Wii U. Considering we already have old Wii games I'll probably get a Wii U as long as it is within a few dollars of the price of a roku type box.

Comment Re:Don't panic! (Score 1) 386

I thought about modding parent up for mentioning the downside to RAID5 with modern hard drives but it was an AC with a score of 0 so most still wouldn't have read it.

So I'll just do it myself and link to http://www.baarf.com/

I still don't understand why so many people use RAID 5 when disks and controllers are cheap enought to do RAID 10 or multiple RAID 1 arrays instead. And if you are using enough data that RAID 10 doesn't do it for you then RAID 6 might be a OK solution but I wouldn't recommend any RAID solution unconditionally.

I will unconditionally recommend against RAID 5 though. And in a similar train of though I'll conditionally recommend against RAID 0 (though it does have valid uses it's often used by those that don't understand the down sides).

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 5, Informative) 403

Keep in mind the concorde needs a very long runway and operated at only the largest airports were it would have to wait in line and/or travel a long way from loading to takeoff at low speeds which is very inneficient for a jet engine.

Acording to Wikipedia due to jet engines being highly inefficient at low speeds, Concorde burned two tonnes of fuel (almost 2% of the maximum fuel load) taxiing to the runway.

According to http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/5195964.stm the Concorde burned up 94 tonnes of fuel getting from London to New York and a whopping two tonnes simply taxiing onto the runway.

A random google result says a 737 uses 2400 kg/hour in fuel and 1 hour at 485 mph, 780 km/h should get you about 485 miles / 780 km :)

London to Amsterdam is only 221 miles (356 km) so it looks like Concorde as designed in the 50s used more fuel taxiing around as a common jet does in an hour flight

Comment Re:Too easy to defend against this (Score 1) 195

but then I don't see an advantage of the laser over a chain gun.

How about no ammo rack explosions? OK I pulled that term from a game but ammo does explode no matter how it is stored (rack or otherwise). Assuming the power for the laser is deep within the ship and wires transmit power I'd wager it'll be safer than having ammo at various points on the ship.

Comment Re:It's convenience and security. (Score 1) 835

I was with you until you said kitchen. Buy a scale that isn't digital and try to measure flour, water, sugar, salt, yeast, oil in grams or ounces as needed. Sure you can get a analog scale to do that but it'll likely have a dial readout that is inaccurate or nearly impossible to read to the level of accuracy you need to bake with.

For example a 14" Pizza with

325g water
435g whole wheat flour
23g oil
18g sugar
7g salt
0.42g yeast.

OK, even my digital scale won't do the yeast. I have to measure that with partial teaspoons like 1/8th because the scale only goes down to 1g. But you'd have to have a scale that would be very large to get the accuracy I need for dough making and not be digital or it'd just have a very low upper limit. It's rather easy for a digital scale to show small and large numbers accurately.

I guess ovens ride the line as the elements on top have analog dials but the oven has digital controls. I can't imagine having to use digital controls for the burners/elements on a stove but I much prefer digital controls for baking.

hmm my can opener isn't electric. I crank the knob just like anyone else but even an electric can opener isn't digital unless you want to count on = 1 and off = 0 and start sending Morse code with a can opener. Maybe if you said you avoid electric tools instead of digital technology I would agree on the can opener at least.

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