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Comment Re:Sometimes SLASHDOT is worse than FOX NEWS (Score 1) 508

How on earth do you equate Microsoft following the rules of the GPL as something bad?

If you were to read TFA, you would know that Microsoft was not following the rules of the GPL. They only released the code because they were caught violating the GPL. So, while they are currently in compliance with the GPL, it was never really their intention to be. This is why people are so upset.

Comment It worked last year (Score 2, Interesting) 120

I was able to watch the games online last year using the mediaplayerconnectivity plugin for firefox and vlc. I tried this year, but they block all non-IE browsers from accessing the video streams. I was able to get past this check by using the UserAgentSwitcher plugin, but now it won't let me get to the streams because I don't have windows media player.

Submission + - sourceforge.net adds git hosting

steltho writes: While browsing sourceforge, I noticed that they now offer git hosting. I have not seen a formal announcement of this, but this is great news for sourceforge projects that want to use distributed version control.

Submission + - WSJ spreads FUD on open source and Google Phone (wsj.com) 2

An anonymous reader writes: Ben Worthen at the Wall Street Journal shows a laughable grasp of what "open source" means: 'Here's the first thing that will happen when a phone with Google's operating system hits the market: Information-technology departments will ban employees from connecting phones that run Google's operating system to their computers or the corporate network. The reason is that Google's operating system is open, meaning anyone can write software for it. That includes bad guys, who will doubtlessly develop viruses and other malicious code for these phones, which unsuspecting Google phones owners will download. Employees could spread the malicious code to the rest of the company when they synch their phones to their computers or use it to check email. The way to combat this is to develop anti-virus and anti-malware software for phones and to develop security procedures similar to those that have evolved for PCs over the last several years. But that's going to take time and money — neither of which the average IT department has. So until then, expect Google phones to be persona non grata at companies.'

Submission + - The Pirate Bay developing new P2P protocol to repl (blorge.com)

mlauzon writes: "(TITLE SHOULD READ:The Pirate Bay developing new P2P protocol to replace BitTorrent)

The Pirate Bay, one of the largest BitTorrent trackers in the world, is reported to be actively working on developing a new peer to peer file sharing protocol. The reason? Brokep, One of the head honchos at TPB, claims that BitTorrent as a protocol won't last longer than 12 months. Brokep was interviewed at a conference over the weekend by German website Netzpolitick.org and spoke about The Pirate Bay, and it's future plans for world domination. When asked about the future of the site, he revealed:

"I think we will still grow for a couple of months or maybe a year, and I don't think Bittorrent as a protocol will survive much longer. So if our new protocol works, we will be one of the big websites still. If it doesn't, maybe someone else takes over."

"The biggest problem is that it's owned by the Bittorrent company, which developes new versions of it. So we don't have any input as users to say what we want in the protocol. And Bittorrent is funded by companies which we don't necessarily like as well."
It seems that The Pirate Bay aren't too happy with BitTorrent Inc. and it's recent decision to make some newer additions to the client closed source. They also want to develop a new protocol which will better fend off the increasing incidents of anti-piracy organisations and spammers from affecting the flow of file sharing. The rest of the interview doesn't really reveal any secrets or surprises but this is big news. The BitTorrent protocol has revolutionised the trade in illegal files over the Internet. Which is why sites such as TPB are so intent on keeping the flow going, and why organisations like the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) are so intent on shutting them down and disrupting their activities. The Pirate Bay pirates (for want of a better description) are already working on the new client, but a release of any kind is unlikely until next year."

Linux Business

Submission + - Dell Ubuntu computers cost more than Windows equiv (itwire.com) 1

WirePosted writes: "It's hard to believe that Dell is serious about its well-publicised program to put Linux computers on the global market when there are blatantly obvious instances where the limited range of Ubuntu notebooks and desktops are more expensive than their Windows equivalent. However, is pricing as important as some may think?"

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