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Submission + - Ubuntu switches default Firefox search to Yahoo (

An anonymous reader writes: Starting in Lucid, the default search engine for Firefox will be switched from Google to Yahoo. The switch has been made after Canonical "negotiated a revenue sharing deal with Yahoo!". Google will still be available as a choice. Since Yahoo search is now powered by Microsoft's Bing, does this mean Microsoft will be paying people for using Ubuntu?

Submission + - Smallest x86 board ever? (

nerdyH writes: What if your PC was the size of an iPod? Probably the smallest x86 board ever built, the Lippert CoreExpress-ECO measures 2.6 x 2.3 inches (58 x 65mm), and has a 1.6GHz x86 processor and 2GB of soldered-on DDR2 SDRAM. Roughly half the size of a PicoITX board, it draws 5 Watts, making it suitable for mobile, battery powered devices like wearable PCs, the company says. I wonder how far away are we from having good translucent nano-displays embedded in eyeglasses, and input devices that let you wink to right-click, and so on...

Submission + - SpaceX launch fails to reach space! (

azuredrake writes: The New York Times reports that the third SpaceX launch has failed following the second-stage ignition of the Falcon 1 rocket. The SpaceX launch had three satellites on board, all of which were presumably destroyed in the incident. This marks the third failed launch for SpaceX — twice they failed to reach orbit, and once the Falcon 1 rocket was lost 5 minutes after launch. While the company vows to carry on, this certainly raises some questions about the likelihood of successful privatization of the Space industry.

Submission + - SpaceX Confirms Falcon 1 Vehicle Lost 1

Stormwave0 writes: Diane Murphy, VP of Marketing and Communications, confirmed in a teleconference that the Falcon 1 launch 3 vehicle was lost during launch Saturday. Just after 2 minutes into launch, a problem occurred with the stage separation, causing the stages to be stuck together. Company founder Elon Musk stated that the failure will not have a major impact on the company's finances. SpaceX is still investigating the problem but does not anticipate any delays in the rocket's launch schedule. Launch 4 is currently scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

Submission + - Dedicated compute box: Persistent terminals?

Theovon writes: I just built an expensive high-end quad-core Linux PC, dedicated for number-crunching. Its job is to sit in the corner with no keyboard, mouse, or monitor and do nothing but compute (genetic algorithms, neural nets, and other research). My issue is that I would like to have something like persistent terminal sessions.

I've considered using Xvnc in a completely headless configuration (some useful documentation here, here, here, and here). However, for most of my uses, this is overkill. Total waste of memory and compute time. However, if I decided to run FPGA synthesis software under WINE, this will become necessary. Unfortunately, I can't quite figure out how to get persistent X11 session where I'm automatically logged in (or can stay logged in), while maintaining enough security that I don't mind opening the VNC port on my firewall (with a changed port number, of course). I'm also going to check out Xpra, but I've only just heard about it and have no idea how to use it.

For the short term, the main need is just terminals. I'd like to be able to connect and see how something is going. One option is to just run things with nohup and then login and "tail -f" to watch the log file. I've also heard of screen, but I'm also unfamiliar with that.

Have other slashdot users encountered this situation? What did you use? What's hard, what's easy, and what works well?

Submission + - What to do with old laptops? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I've recently acquired a few old p2/p3 laptops. Most either work properly but are slow or have various problems with power supplies and/or batteries. Attempting to sell them would probably earn less than the cost of shipping so that's out of the question. I was hoping the Slashdot crowd could give me some ideas on what to do with these old computers. As somebody who already has ~10 computers lying around the house there is certainly no need for an additional computer to "experiment" with, so I was hoping for some more creative suggestions.

Submission + - Craigslist sues eBay, alleges corporate spy plan (

cheezitmike writes: From today's Washington Post, Craigslist is Suing eBay for stealing trade secrets: "Online classifieds leader filed a countersuit on Tuesday against business rival eBay Inc, alleging eBay used its minority stake in Craigslist to steal its corporate trade secrets. [...] Craigslist's complaint alleges a plot by San Jose, California-based eBay to use its position as a minority shareholder and its position on the board to pressure Craigslist into a full-scale acquisition deal by eBay. Barring that, Craigslist argues eBay used its position to gather competitive information that led to the launch of eBay's rival classifieds business. It charges eBay code-named this its 'Craigslist killer' in internal strategy discussions. 'In the months leading up to the launch of its competing Kijiji site ... eBay used its shareholder status to plant on Craigslist's board of directors the individual responsible for launching and/or operating Kijiji,' the latest suit alleges."

Submission + - Hey Verizon, Why is my WEP Key my MAC Address? ( 2

A complete newb writes: WEP can be cracked in a few minutes with the right tools. But why bother trying to crack it when Verizon sets the default WEP key to the Access Point's MAC address? All you need is the right card in monitor mode and you can get all your neighbors WEP keys. The access point that comes with Fios has the capabilities for WPA but few people bother to change the default settings. With the gaining popularity of Verizon FiOS, customers could be faced with the increased possibility of personal data being stolen from their PC or having their broadband connection hijacked.

Submission + - Yahoo not Opposed to Microsoft Deal at Right Price (

PHPNerd writes: "Today in a letter to Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer, the Yahoo board stated that they are clearly for a deal with Microsoft so long as it is a the right price. The board cited concerns that the previous bid undervalued Yahoo considerably, further saying "We have continued to make clear that we are not opposed to a transaction with Microsoft if it is in the best interests of our stockholders," the letter said. "Our position is simply that any transaction must be at a value that fully reflects the value of Yahoo, including any strategic benefits to Microsoft, and on terms that provide certainty to our stockholders." This letter comes in response to a threat from Ballmer to lower the bid if Yahoo did not accept the $31/share price.

Will Microsoft up the bid or continue to play hardball, or is Yahoo not cashing in their chips while they still can?"


Submission + - New ATI Driver Released for Linux 3

An anonymous reader writes: A new ATI proprietary driver has been released for both x86 and x86_64. Release notes and installation instructions can be found on the ATI website.

Feed Engadget: OLPC, Microsoft working on dual-boot Windows / Linux system (

Filed under: Laptops

We already knew Microsoft was at least toying around with putting Windows on the OLPC XO, but it looks like things have just gotten quite a bit more serious, with the OLPC folks now saying that they're working "very closely" with Microsoft to develop a dual-boot Windows / Linux system for the laptop. What's more, Nick Neg himself reportedly said that the version of Windows that's now up and running on on the XO is "very fast" and "very, very successful." There's no word just yet as to when we might actually see such a system be released, however, but OLPC is apparently now talking with Microsoft and "possibly" the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation about putting the XO to use in some of the education programs Microsoft runs in developing countries, a possibility that Negroponte says is "really cooking at the moment."

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