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Comment Re:What the hell? (Score 3, Informative) 653

Due to the fact that it was made as a public announcement on a publicly viewable board, it looses the "locker room talk" argument. Officer Ettiene admitted to bias in his police work and judgement. Training Day is a prime example of extremely poor police work, judgement, and ethics; needless to say outright criminality. By not sending a message to this officer, we silently condone him. An officer that exhibits bias cannot be trusted to fairly and impartially enforce the law and has therefore abused the public trust put in him. Officer Ettiene showed incredibly poor judgement and will most likely loose his job for it.

Yeah. Personally, I just wonder what his Fark or 4Chan handle is.

(and it's lose, goddamn you! Loses the locker room talk, loses his job. Loose is what you do to the hounds)

Comment From TFA (Score 5, Funny) 322

OK, I Want to Try Exherbo
No you don't.

Yes I Do
OK, maybe you do, but we don't particularly want you to try it because we don't want to deal with you whining when you find that absolutely nothing works. Exherbo isn't in a fit state for users. We might get there one day, but it's not a priority. Right now, all we care about is getting it into a fit state for a small number of developers.

We don't provide packages for lots of things you consider critical.

A lot of the packages we do provide don't work.

A lot of the packages that worked five minutes ago all just broke because we just decided to redesign several large features.

We don't provide support.

We don't provide install media.

We don't provide a usable init system.

Really, all we provide is a few things that the few people working on all this find useful for themselves. When we have something for anyone else, we'll let you know.

OK, I don't need to try it. However, I'm curious about one thing:

Former Gentoo developer Bryan Østergaard recently announced a new linux distribution aptly named Exherbo
OK, wikipedia has no clue what an "Exherbo" is. What is an "Exherbo" and why is it such an apt name? I don't speak Klingon, are there any Klingons here that can explain this to me?

From TFA I would guess that "Exherbo" means "fuck you" in Swahili?

Comment System Requirements Indicate WoW will Remain King (Score 5, Insightful) 582

I don't think it likely either of these will dethrone WoW. First, the system requirements for both seem to be missing the "midrange computer from two years ago" that is the normal target for mainstream games. As such, they're only hitting the relatively small "extreme gamer" market. Next, there is no support for the Mac, which cuts out 14% of the total US market and much more of the game buying market. Third, losing a small portion of the market because of requirements can lose you much bigger portions of the market because these are networked games. If just one person in a group of friends has a Mac or a lower end PC, the entire group may well decide to stick with WoW or some other game that they can all play (especially if that one player is the cute co-ed gamer in the dorm).

Really, there is nothing wrong with either of these games, but they just aren't targeted at the same demographic as WoW, or if they are they are very poorly targeted. Some day someone will come out with a WoW-killer but I don't think either of these are even viable candidates.

Comment Wow, just what we need (Score 0, Insightful) 322

I'll probably get modded down by the groupthink mods around here (hint: metamods: moderate any downmods as unfair)...

but really, is this what the Linux user community needs? Yet another Linux distro. Wow. And maybe we can add a new window manager and another variant of Firefox/IceWeasel/Netscape/etc.

It's really a shame for F/OSS that, time and time again, there is such a huge duplication of effort and half-assed half-finished projects lying around in the junkyard of the Open Source cemetery.
The Military

Submission + - Paul Tibbets, Pilot of Enola Gay, Dies at 92.

wiredog writes: Paul W. Tibbets Jr., 92, who piloted the Enola Gay on the first combat atomic bombing mission, against Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945 died on Nov. 1 at his home in Columbus, Ohio.

Gen. Tibbets said he had no regrets over the more than 100,000 Japanese killed and wounded at Hiroshima, and made a point of saying he slept easily at night.

Submission + - Record-setting stellar-mass black hole (

chyllaxyn writes: "Astronomers have discovered a new supermassive black hole orbiting a star a mere 1.8 million light-years from Earth. Weighing in with a mass of 24 to 33 times that of our Sun, topping the previous record of 16 times the mass of our sun. I can feel it's pull already, or maybe that's just the candy corn talking..."

Submission + - First release of OpenSolaris Project Indiana

Orthuberra writes: The first developer preview release of Project Indiana is now available. Project Indiana is an effort by Sun and the OpenSolaris community to create and installable LiveCD based on OpenSolaris, but with the look and feel of a modern desktop. This is including installation and configuration procedures of the operating system. Downloads are now being offered at the following location.

Submission + - The anatomy of a port: X11/Motif to Windows

Vilorman writes: "A command line Unix application running on Regulus, born in the late 1980's slowly made it way from the old 8MHz machines into a SunOS/X11 application in the early 1990's and adopted Motif as a primary widget set and user interface structure. Later on it was ported to Solaris/SPARC while keeping the X11/Motif interface and then again compiled on Solaris/X86. As time progressed even further and Solaris lost it's strong hold and PCI hardware became more readily available this application made it way into the Linux world; starting with Redhat 7.3, then Fedora Core 3 and is now developed and shipped on Fedora 5. Still, using the X11/Motif user interface. The only place left to go, and demanded by the user base is Microsoft Windows. But how??? How do you port an application that uses PCI hardware and Linux device drivers from X11/Motif to MS Windows. So, I ask all ye wise slashdotters — how do we do this? What is best way to do this? To get an application ported from Unix to Windows? Books? References? Links? Advice?"

Submission + - Forty Years of LOGO

SoyChemist writes: Forty years ago, LOGO, a derivative of LISP, was born. Several years later, it became the cornerstone of educational software that simultaneously taught geometry and how to think like a coder. With a plethora of high-end educational software packages to choose from, each with flashy multimedia and trademarked characters, parents and teachers may find the humble turtle a bit outdated. Thankfully, several LOGO programs are available for free through a variety of websites, but perhaps 3D programming environments like Alice will be the wave of the future.

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