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Submission + - SPAM: this systray application

Ep0xi writes: /// This application intends to share clipboard capabilities /// with The Firefox and other browsers in order to /// archive and collect references and cites from /// documents on the internet for later process /// and thesis production

Submission + - SPAM: HPC End User Collaboration Summit

Ep0xi writes: The Linux Foundation End User Collaboration Summit gathers the highest level key Linux maintainers and representatives of the development community to collaborate with senior IT representatives from the largest and most dynamic Linux users in the world.

This is the first event of its kind to bring together high performance end users with the highest level Linux community developers. The two day conference will be a unique opportunity for education and interaction between these two groups.

This event will:

Give end users the opportunity to learn about upcoming developments in Linux and ensure they are maximizing their investment
Provide end users a direct connection and voice to the most senior members of the kernel community
Offer the kernel community direct access and knowledge sharing with the end user community, especially advanced users of their product
Foster technical problem solving by identifying needs of end users and coming up with technology solutions
Educate end users on Linux advancements and the "way the community works" along with best practices exchanges between these groups
Enable cutting edge end users to network together and learn from each other's deployments

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Feed Techdirt: Washington State Sues Company For Fake Error Messages (

For years, questionable "software" firms would buy up ads that pretended to look like computer warning messages telling you that your computer was at risk. Then there were scamming companies that would include a web-based "test" of your computer to see if it was at risk -- and, of course, it always found that you were. The scam is just to get you to download (and buy) their software which rarely does anything (and most of the time you don't need it). The FTC had cracked down on these companies a while back, but it appears at least some are still in business. Washington state is now suing a software company that apparently did something similar sending messages to computer users claiming "CRITICAL ERROR!" and demanding that they download the company's product immediately to repair the problem. Of course, there was almost never an actual problem... but the software cost $40.

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Feed Facebook being used to recruit spies (

Featured links from the CNET Blog Network

Facebook being used to recruit spies -- It has emerged that Britain's Secret Service has admitted to using Facebook to recruit tomorrow's James Bonds.

Adding a second router: living with the new setup -- What it's like to use a high value computer after it has been protected with a second router.

Use Web apps offline with Google Gears -- Although the offline-browsing technology is currently available only for a small number of sites, Gears can keep you working--sort of--when your Internet connection fails.

Zarafa: Open-source e-mail gets competitive -- Zimbra used to rule the roost in the open-source e-mail world. Now Zarafa is giving it a run for its money.


Submission + - House Rejects $700B Bailout Bill

EvilIntelligence writes:;_ylt=AryKiVLPR.V1wZw5SycI9p6yBhIF The House on Monday defeated a $700 billion emergency rescue package, ignoring urgent pleas from President Bush and bipartisan congressional leaders to quickly bail out the staggering financial industry. Is this good or bad? But really, the question is, what's the next step?
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Submission + - Malware 2.0's Going to Be Murder

An anonymous reader writes: A hacker warns that malware, computational linguistics, social networks, image analysis, and data mining are coming together to create highly-targeted attacks that, unlike today's trojans, are very difficult to distinguish from safe messages. He says such data mining techniques can find information in our Facebook profiles, for example, then locate another member in our social network with similar information, and use that person as the sender of a highly-targeted message, matching this friend's capitalization, grammar, and spelling habits.
The Internet

Submission + - SPAM: How SEOs are infecting web spiders

Ep0xi writes: I'm trying to analyze the alterations that SEO practices produce in those
markets not related to the advertising industry.
I was looking for information related to "near death experiences survivors" and the Google
gave me at least the 50 first links pointing to newspapers, blogs, and other "realtime" sources
most of those 50 pointing at the death of Paul Newman which are sad news btw.

How can we access a web spider in a form that web searches are not infected by
the "importance" of the websites related to the search but directly in line
with the precise list of words we put in for the search itself?

Is that a function of the browsers to be Advertising friendly? thnx

Submission + - Censored in Finland (

k33l0r writes: "The web site of W3C, or, was briefly censored (Google Translation) by at least some of the local ISPs. For an unknown reason the URL was mistakenly entered into the Federal Police's censor database. Some of the Finnish ISPs use the database to filter out questionable content such as child pornography. The censor database is itself already highly questionable and largely ineffective, as online activist Matti Nikki writes:

For example a document that goes by the name "Railaksen Selvitys" and dated 2005-12-16 lists several critical problems and unanswered questions regarding the censorship. These problems are listed in the very beginning of the document and include things like effectiveness of the filtering solutions, the problem of collateral damage when censorship affects more material than it should, freedom of speech, what kind of crimes the censorship should exactly target, etc. Most of these went unanswered and the problems are seen with the current implementation of the censorship. Some of the issues were only addressed partially, for example the freedom of speech regarding reception of illegal material was touched but the police has now been found censoring even sites that do not contain illegal material themselves. What is being practiced now isn't what was planned.

This isn't the first time that a site has been wrongly blocked; at least for a period in the past the site protesting against the filtering, maintained by Matti Nikki, was blocked. (NB. 'Lapsiporno' is 'child pornography' in Finnish, but the site has nothing to do with pornography, or indeed any other sordid materials)"


Submission + - SPAM: Unix challenged as never before by HPC 2008

Ep0xi writes: After testing the stability, performance, scalability and backward support of the Microsoft Windows Server 2008
my first thought is, Unix systems are being challenged by this Microsoft product as never before.

I usually support both, open and closed source technologies because my of clients, but i ask
you to compare it and put the oncoming HPC Server 2008 on the table against any other Unix
and tell if the whole system availability is challenging the entire industry?

Mainly the Unix came from Military and Universities around the globe in development,
but this is the first time that a closed company has dealt the user desktop with so much
acuracy in terms of user needs of a stable Server/Desktop platform twice as a whole.

Any different experiences?

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Submission + - Academic applications of OCR 4

kg1794 writes: "In my recent PhD research, I've been looking at a 1,200 page typed but unpublished manuscript from a (unfortunately now deceased) political science professor. The end goal is to eventually bring this work to publication, but I don't have the original file he created this manuscript with (it was completed back in 1979). The document needs a degree of editing and re-arranging, but what's the best way of getting these pages into digital form that doesn't involve typing the whole lot out? How and who can do such a large scale OCR task for a nominal (read: university humanities research grant) fee? How feasible is a home-brew system with some kind of auto-document feeder? Any academics or researchers who have digitized source collections in the past would be very welcome to assist. I'm in the UK, but understand solutions for this may be more efficient from across the pond. Thanks."

Submission + - SPAM: drivers pac207 for vista64?

Ep0xi writes: "does anyone knows about a driver for Pac207 usb webcams? aka "noganet"
i ask myself why a usb webcam needs a kernel mode driver?
any info on porting xp drivers to vista64? tnx"

Submission + - SPAM: How to draw Penrose Tessells

Ep0xi writes: "I've found quite simple and interesting this article about how
the math involved in Penrose Tessells
[spam URL stripped]

This other one has some great computer generated art which
is one of my areas of best interest.
[spam URL stripped]

btw, do you know software titles for teaching children how to generate and
integrate chaotic attractors?


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Submission + - SPAM: No antivirus for 2008 Server?

Ep0xi writes: "There is no antivirus for Windows Server 2008 Enterprise trial?
it wont survive a week more this way,
Is not quite funny to live like nomads on the technologic age
just because you got hacked every 20 days and you have to reinstall
everything going from one OS to another just to keep out of viruses
give us your opinions slashdotters."

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