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Comment California is getting desperate. (Score 2) 217

It's probably just to generate more cash from fines since they can't seem to get anyone to bail them out after running the state into bankruptcy by trying to give everyone everything without anyone having to pay for it. Appears the state didn't have a viable business model just like all the Silly-con Valley operations that gave us the dot-bomb disaster a decade ago.

Comment OK Osama, you win! (Score 1) 890

Our nation of sniveling weenies will shut itself down for fear some "evildoers" will get us. Hell, most of the rest of the world has been living with this kind of crap forever but in the last few decades Americans have become so scared of their own shadows we'll cheerfully submit to "Big Brother". What happened to "nothing to fear but fear itself?" If the first settlers had been this chicken we'd never have got off the beaches of the Atlantic coast. No, we'd never have left Europe because sailing the ocean in a wooden ship is dangerous. And if there are any rabid Republicans here, don't try to put it all on Obama. The Bush administration used fear as a campaign tool.

Comment Re:I'm not worried. (Score 2, Funny) 450

What the heck. The Internet has already pretty much jumped the shark as far as I'm concerned so if I can't beat this I can save a few bucks a month and cancel my service. No more free newsgroups and the copyright/patent goons are trying to shut down anything free, even if they don't own it. Oh, well. I'll just sit back in my bunker (got it cheap from Dick Cheney) and wait for the total collapse of the capitalist system when lawyers finally make it impossible to conduct any form of business.

Comment Re:48 cores? (Score 2, Funny) 462

Actually I'm rather pleased with Windows 7. It's a great improvement over their last few attempts and other than a few spurious reboots right in the middle of several hours work and often requiring me to force the *&#%$ drives to re-mirror it's not toooo bad. OK, I just use it on this box because there are a couple of programs I like not available for native Linux yet but at least it's not Vista or ME bad.

Comment Re:They should ban the production of low-end phone (Score 3, Insightful) 307

I only get a new one when it's nearly impossible to get replacement batteries. I only use the dang things about twice a week unless I'm out of town or something. Probably average 20 minutes a month or less and no, I don't have internet or e-mail or any other high rent services. It's a PHONE damn it!

Comment Re:We will see... (Score 2, Interesting) 269

One of these days the foreign manufacturers will realize that America is broke and they don't need us anymore as customers since all we do is buy things with money we borrow from their countries and probably can't pay back. We will then revert to a stone age civilization since all our manufacturing has been exported to other places and the lawyers can sue each other for hides and buffalo dung etc.

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