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Comment Re:Racist Star Trek fans getting called out (Score 1) 51

You're talking about the 'Southern Democrats', a group of reactionaries who blamed the Republicans for the Civil War, the Reconstruction, and equal rights. They voted solidly Democrat until Johnson "betrayed" them by enacting the Civil Rights Act.

Unfortunately, America's two-party system left those emigres nowhere to go but the Republican party, and so the party of civil rights and social liberty from Lincoln to Eisenhower turned into what we see today.

Comment Re:Yeah, no (Score 2) 102

Well, if the alternatives are wearing nothing at all or a $50k medical device your insurance won't cover...

Also, the Apple Watch was useful as a development platform; HealthKit makes it easier to run informal trials and collect medical data from a large number of users. The software they've developed with that data could likely now be ported to other devices.

Comment Re:Imagine when the dishonest and corrupt CIA (Score 3, Insightful) 121

I suspect more the reverse; it will be a convenient way to deny anything inconvenient.

1. Leader: 'X'
2. Leader: 'I never said X'
3. Opposition: 'But hundreds of people heard you say X'
4. Leader: 'Either they are my enemies, in which case they are liars, or they are my supporters, and know in their heart I didn't say X'
5. Opposition: 'We even have a video of you saying X'
6. Leader: 'And you just made that up, with your computers and things! Enemies! Off with your heads!'

There seems to be a global current these days, away from the principles of Enlightenment and Absolutism, back toward Authoritarianism and the denial of objectivity. When facts become subjective, all viewpoints are equally valid and 'truth' can be determined by vote or decree. Quite Nineteen Eighty-Four (although it predated Orwell by thousands of years).

Comment Moore's Law (Score 5, Insightful) 51

It's funny how we say Moore's law is dead when it's about the only thing still kicking.

Clock speeds, the x86 architecture, and software design are all more or less stagnant, which means your typical single-threaded business logic is barely running faster year upon year and CPU benchmarks are pretty flat.

But anything parallel and transistor-hungry is improving by leaps and bounds: the 1080Ti is ~70% faster than its predecessor (with 50% more transistors), AMD is offering 8 cores for the price of 4, 32 for their server models, Intel's Phi is at 72... even smartphones are at 8-10 cores. As Moore predicted, dense ICs are packing more transistors every year, and it looks set to continue for the next several years at least.

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