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Comment "Are You Registered?" (Score 1) 35

It is important to be registered if you are going to be a developer in the Apple ecosystem. It isn't enough to put out good code and quality software products. Ultimately you need to work completely within the boundaries of the Walled Garden. Where the Apple organization can shepherd your efforts and make sure you are one of their people.

Apple is sort of creepy that way.

Comment "Which Side Are You On?" (Score 2) 139

To government agents, it doesn't matter that Kaspersky isn't aiding the Russian government. His company needs to be in the pocket of the US government or they will destroy it. Entities in cybersecurity that are independent of government control and manipulation are defacto considered bad. Just as bad as entities working for Russia.

Comment Re: Sounds like Slashdot (Score 1) 187

When you close a browser tab on Slashdot there is even a spinner widget of some sort at the screen bottom now, so the scripting even responds to the user manually closing a tab. That's a little eerie because I specifically close a tab to not iteract with a page anymore. It's not as bad as pages that throw pleading popups when you try to close, of course.

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