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Comment Re:*ahem* (Score 1) 120

You can also probably just disable the screen lock feature entirely.

It's possible you can even use the new Applephone without ever connecting to the Apple servers or having an account with Apple. You can probably use it as a dumbphone.

I might be wrong on this second part, of course.

Comment Re:Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit (Score 1) 120

What happened is 1 or more people looked at the phone in its locked state backstage and it rolled over to passcode only, it was actually a good demo of how secure it is.

So users of this phone will have to be careful not to allow the camera to see other people's faces or it will 'false negative' on them and automatically lock? That makes little sense.

I bet, though, that when the face recognition feature failure occurred during the demo, they were ready, Apple probably had a team ready and waiting to fabricate whatever the most plausible explanation would be for any on-stage incident during the presentation. They probably have focus groups ready and waiting to bounce their stories off of. The marketing shit is really, really important at Apple, because it's the basis of their high markups.

Comment Re:The loss of touch ID is a fatal flaw (Score 1) 120

Too many compromises, too many security holes.

Apple promote Touch ID has having 1 in 50,000 chance of false positive, while Face ID is 1 in 1,000,000

"Promote" is an odd word to use, almost like it's marketing and not real statistics based on experiments or even predictions. Is there a white paper or published study (preferably peer-reviewed) behind those numbers, or is it just insanely incredible marketing?

Comment Re:Every. Single. Time. (Score 1) 158

Why does my phone need to identify objects and people on the photographs that I've stored on it? The fact that it's 'invisible' and causes people to be confused about battery drain means people don't even know their phone is doing it.

Yeah, I expect there's a real good reason why the phone needs to run face recognition on every photograph I have stored on my phone. Righto.

Comment Re: We'll never run out of douchebag futurists (Score 1) 409

Machines can only play chess better than humans if that is the directed design goal of the machine, which was designed by a human.

When an autonomous AI mechanism chooses to learn how to and succeed in winning chess against human opponents because it wants to play chess and not because it was directed to play chess, then it will mean something.

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