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Comment Re:Do me a favour (Score 2) 135

And if facebook makes him despise his "friends," that really says a lot about him and the "friendships" that he has.

While I'm not fan of Denton, he has a point. Not sure what his context is, but social media (not just FaceBook) seems to embolden people to express some truly awful things. I've seen more than a couple people that went from thoughtful and insightful posts to outright bigotry.

Comment Re:FTFY... (Score 0) 492

If you had said social activist, then yes. A SJW is the extremist version. They want censorship, claim that they fight bigotry while themselves are bigots, and are prime examples of the word "hypocrite".

Comment Re:An intern. Sexual Harassment by definition. (Score 1) 581

1) That's...not sexual harassment. If she did not want his advances and he repeated them, that is sexual harassment.

2) Everyone's of legal age of consent. You can age-shame if you want, but it just makes you look like a wacky puritan.

3) ...wait, stylized rape? Okay, I'm done.

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