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Comment Re:Burying the takeaway (Score 2) 226

It means I can no longer simply tap off BT in the Control Center to stop draining the battery of my Apple Pencil since the motion of carrying it around with the iPad wakes it up and connects it, since there's no "off" button. Because why would it need one when it has motion sensors to know when it's being used or not

Comment Re: Security expert? (Score 1) 377

I know relatives who leave their car unlocked but don't store anything of value (apart from a 10kg bag of cat kibble).

That's a horrible idea. Seriously. That's just asking for a mouse infestation. Once they're in the car they'll chew on wires, get into the insulation and if they nest in the heating/ventilation system you'll never get the urine smell out.

Comment Re:Apple removes (Score 2) 118

I have a Withings scale and use the Withings Health Mate iOS app to control it. I just checked and Health Mate is still available in the iOS App Store. They may have pulled the scale or other "physical" products out of the Apple Store (online and/or brick and mortar) but do not appear to have done anything with the iOS App Store.

Comment Re:Does any other router have this tech? (Score 1) 238

Uh, yes, I do. I'm in fact capable of talking about two different technologies in the same post.

Yes, Windows boxes can wake on lan but in your case it sounds like the other computer is doing the waking. That's not the same as Bonjour Sleep Proxy, where the router continues to advertise the service via mDNS even though the machine that was offering that service has gone to sleep. Your "favorites" are completely different from Bonjour-advertised services. And my question remains about whether this means the end of NAT-PMP in favor of uPNP or not.

Airplay, mentioned by other responders, is another technology which I leverage strongly in the house and forgot to mention. I have Airport Extremes (which I have to use an ancient Netbook running XP in order to run a version of the #$%@! configuration utility that will work with them — hate you for that, Apple) plugged into powered speaker systems in several places in the house. When they eventually die, what will I replace them with? An old laptop running Airfoil Satellite???

Comment Does any other router have this tech? (Score 3, Interesting) 238

One thing Apple routers had was the ability to set themselves up as a Bonjour proxy, so for example your Mac could advertise its iTunes library sharing, but go to sleep. The router would repoint the address to itself, and if you tried to access that library from another device, the router would send a wakeup to the Mac, then repoint Bonjour back at it.

Also, while the rest of the world uses uPNP, Apple routers use NAT-PMP.

Are these technologies just dead now?

And in response to the comments above about more availability for network drives to be used as remote Time Machine backups, instead of requiring a Time Capsule, will Apple decide to kill off remote backups entirely because the experience is no longer guaranteed or even consistent with third-party devices?

Comment Re:trololo (Score 3, Informative) 127

iPads, and even iPhones, can connect to Bluetooth keyboards and use them just fine. In fact, some UX exists solely if you have a keyboard, such as the Cmd-Tab task switcher. The iPad Pro models also have the smart connector keyboards. They're pretty decent - as a touch typist I have no problem using them.

That said, an onscreen keyboard is fantastic when you just want to hold the device in your hands. Would I want to do a ton of typing that way? Absolutely not. But when it's useful, it's incredibly useful.

Comment Re:Menus on cameras are terrible (Score 1) 160

The menus on Canon cameras are actually one of the best features and one I tout when people ask me for camera suggestions. Every Canon digital camera I've owned since the late 90's, whether various models of point and shoot, or five different dSLR models (including the 5Dmk3) has a menu system consistent with the other models. There are more options in some cameras compared to others, especially the 5, but they all work the same. If you've used any Canon camera you can pick up another model and immediately know how to navigate the menus and set things up. That kind of consistent experience is a real win.

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