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Comment Re:Does it run Lotus 1-2-3 ? (Score 1) 173

DOS is not done, till Lotus won't run, right?
this brings back memories of working at The Computer Factory back in 1990. as I recall, we also had to replace (not flash, pull and insert) the BIOS on a bunch of NEC PCs because they wouldn't run 1-2-3.

it was the era where Excel came with a runtime version of Windows because businesses didn't run Windows yet.

now get off my lawn

Comment Re:Time to buy?? (Score 1) 120

sounds like my friends who always tell me stories about big wins playing blackjack at a casino. they seem to forget all the times they lost money at the same game.

for now bitcoin has made people some money, assuming that they have taken opportunities to turn it into cash. at some point a clever person or persons will find a way to hack the blockchain and all confidence in bitcoin will disappear. it will be good to sell before that happens.

Comment Hit app? Why would anyone use this? (Score 1) 72

Seriously. An app that allows people to send you anonymous messages? I read their justification: to get candid feedback from coworkers and such. I suppose if that is something you welcome, then letting the app have access to your contacts so it would know who can send you messages, is expected.

But really, who would do this? If I know you, and you want to offer me candid feedback, do it.

Comment Re:I'm using the 105Mbit service. The datacap is r (Score 0) 372

A HD movie on iTunes is 4.7GB down. One movie a day 30 days = 141GB. Now let's do some TV. 4 shows a day also HD ~1GB per. (22min for 3 and 1 40min show) that's another 4 GB * 30 = 120 GB and voila, 262 GB / month.
who the hell watches one movie and four tv shows per DAY? if it's you, turn off the tv and take a walk.

Comment Be Professional (Score 1) 958

In a meeting with your boos tell hom/her that one of your responsibilities as the IT guy is to ensure license compliance and that you would like to document all of your software. Ask for access to invoices to see what's been purchased. Inventory all software installed and prepare a report showing where there might be an issue. Offer a solution or solutions to dealing with the issue: buying licenses, researching alternative programs, etc.

Don't be confrontational, don't be a dick, don't make threats or demands. Do tell them about the BSA and what can happen if they are to get audited. Turn your concerns into a positive for the company. That's why they hired you.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 296

I'm not a kernel developer, but every mailing list to which I once subscribed moved to web based forums, which I find much, much more convenient to use. I think mailing lists are a relic which some are reluctant to give up, and I'm sure there may be good reasons for that. I just don't know what they are.

If a "solution" to spam were to exist or be developed, and mailing lists suffered collateral damage, there are other ways for the participants to communicate and discuss.

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