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Friday April 27, 2018 @07:12PM Rick Dickinson, Designer of Sinclair Spectrum Home Computers, Dies
Friday March 16, 2018 @03:05PM Hacker Adrian Lamo Dies At 37
Wednesday February 07, 2018 @07:31PM EFF Founder John Perry Barlow Has Died At Age 70
Tuesday January 23, 2018 @08:46PM Fantasy Fiction Novelist Ursula K. Le Guin Dies At 88
Wednesday November 08, 2017 @02:29AM NASA Astronaut Dick Gordon, Pilot of Gemini and Apollo 12, Dies At 88
Tuesday December 27, 2016 @08:08PM Vera Rubin, Pioneering Astronomer Who Confirmed Existence of Dark Matter, Dies At 88
Thursday December 08, 2016 @05:15PM John Glenn, First American To Orbit The Earth, Dies At 95
Friday December 02, 2016 @03:29AM Erich Bloch, Who Helped Develop IBM Mainframe, Dies At 91
Friday November 11, 2016 @07:36PM Facebook Bug Tells Users They Are Dead
Wednesday October 05, 2016 @07:51PM Apple CEO Tim Cook Remembers Steve Jobs On Fifth Anniversary of His Death
Tuesday August 02, 2016 @06:29PM Seymour Papert, Creator of the Logo Language, Dies At 88
Friday April 22, 2016 @05:54AM RIP Prince, A Legendary Musician With A Complicated Internet History
Sunday March 06, 2016 @01:02PM Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Dead At 94
Monday April 06, 2009 @03:40PM Ad Block Plus Filter Maintainer "rick752" Dies At 56
Saturday January 10, 2009 @01:33AM Roland Piquepaille Dies
Tuesday November 11, 2008 @01:47PM Phoenix Mars Lander Declared Dead
Thursday October 02, 2008 @06:21PM Fossett's Plane Found
Monday April 21, 2008 @01:48PM Edward Lorenz, Father of Chaos Theory, Dies at 90
Sunday March 23, 2008 @02:13PM Arthur C. Clarke Is Dead At 90
Tuesday March 04, 2008 @05:08PM D&D Co-Creator Gary Gygax Has Passed Away
Tuesday March 04, 2008 @12:37PM Obituary For the Sony Trinitron
Monday September 17, 2007 @08:23AM Fantasy Author Robert Jordan Passes Away
Friday April 27, 2007 @10:24AM Jack Valenti, Dead at 85
Monday February 12, 2007 @06:47AM The Death of Clippy
Tuesday September 19, 2006 @08:47AM Rob Levin, lilo of FreeNode, Passes
Monday September 04, 2006 @03:11PM Steve Irwin Dead