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Submission + - 83% of Businesses won't bother with Windows 7

Olipro writes: According to a survey conducted by Information Week, Most enterprises stated they won't bother with Windows 7 for at least a year as they simply continue to distrust that compatibility issues won't occur with their mission-critical software.

Costs of upgrading are also cited as a concern as economic uncertainty acts as a measure to dissuade businesses in the "investments" which, coupled with the fact that essentially Windows 7 will simply be Vista with tweaks (those of you who follow the server platform will know that Windows 7 will simply be an R2 release for Server 2008) — essentially the whole OS needs to hit the ground running or be doomed to a similar fate as Vista has been, though, bearing in mind the fact that a lot of Vista's headaches were primarily driver related; and also bearing in mind that as such, almost all hardware now has Vista drivers which will undoubtedly be compatible with 7... it's entirely plausible that uptake of Windows 7 will be better than expected.

The Million Dollar question will be whether the fact that XP -> Windows 7 requires a clean install will prove to be Microsoft's undoing.
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83% of Businesses won't bother with Windows 7

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