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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What to put for work samples when CTO has butchered all my work?

An anonymous reader writes: Hi Slashdot, I feel like many of you have had this problem: I am looking for a job with a new company and most ask for links to "recent work" but the reason I am leaving my current job is because this company does not produce good code, and after years of trying to force them to change they have refused to change any of their poor practices, because the CTO is a narcissist and doesn't recognize that so much is wrong.

I have written good code for this company, the problem is it is mostly back-end code where I was afforded some freedom, but the front-end is still a complete mess that doesn't reflect any coherent coding practice whatsoever. I have tried so hard for five years to change the company's practices but I spend more time arguing in vain with the CTO than actually improving the company's development problems. I am giving up on fixing this company but finding it hard to exemplify my work when it is hidden behind some of the worst front-end code I have ever seen. Most applications ask for links to live code, not for code samples (which I would more easily be able to supply). Some of the websites look OK on the surface but are one right click -> inspect element away from giving away the mess; most of the projects require a username and password to login as well but account registration is not open.

So how do I reference my recent work when all of my recent work is embarrassing on the front-end? What have you done in this situation?
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Ask Slashdot: What to put for work samples when CTO has butchered all my work?

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