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Submission + - Microsoft pays bloggers to tout lame MS slogan

Stony Stevenson writes: In an effort to inject Microsoft's latest slogan from hell ("People-ready business") into popular usage (and no doubt raise its Google page rank), Microsoft asked a passel of A List Bloggers to excrete blurbs on what this meaningless phrase means to them. Michael Arrington, Om Malik, Fred Wilson, Richard MacManus and a handful of others happily agreed to churn out some mush for Microsoft, which it later used in banner ads.

But what it really meant to these guys was income. Redmond paid the bloggers for every user who clicked through to the PRB microsite. And that caused other bloggers, lead by Gawker chief Nick Denton, to rightfully question their ethics. A spitball war has been raging ever since.

PC worlds Harry McCracken details the sordid affair here, while this article looks at Microsoft's slogan woes.

From the article: "A big part of the problem is that "people-ready business" is such a lame slogan. (The full version — "Dynamic IT for the people-ready business" — is even worse.) Simply using it in a sentence makes you sound like an idiot.Why not simply say "Clueless corporate clones struggling desperately to look hip"? That would at least have the benefit of accuracy."
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Microsoft pays bloggers to tout lame MS slogan

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